Ignition Poker


  • The busiest network in the United States
  • Mobile software now contains every game mode
  • New no-download immediate play option
  • Live chat player support added
  • Increased bonus to 150 percent if using Bitcoin
  • Fish Rating is really high.
  • Browser-based poker works on any device
  • Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash supported
  • Bitcoin payments in as short as 1 hour
  • Very speedy bonus clearing if playing Zone
  • Does not support HUDs


  • New ownership is presumably related to Bovada but is still a mystery
  • Servers can stall during games
  • Increased rake levels
  • No formal license

Ignition Poker Overall

After years of waiting, Ignition Poker has finally returned to its rightful status as the undisputed king of US online poker, and I can’t express how happy I am to be able to share it with you once more.

It’s called Ignition Poker, and many of you are undoubtedly scratching your brains about it.

Who is Ignition Poker?

How can Ignition Poker be the market leader if no one’s heard of them and they’re spanking new?

Here’s how:

While the Ignition brand name is fresh, behind the hood it’s the Bovada poker wing repackaged. Perhaps you’ve heard of them or one of their various forms throughout the years.

Bodog. New Bodog. Bodog Life. Bovada. Ayre, Calvin. Costa Rica. The Feds’ snout-thumb. Those men. Now they’re Ignition Poker.

Their profound roots

During the height of the online poker craze in 2004, the upstart sports/casino company Bodog established its poker room.

In the same year that I discovered them, I also made the decision to shift my poker game over the internet for the first time.

It was the thing to do for any gaming business of the time: capitalize on the pop culture darling that was poker and catch the schools of sardines racing to win the WSOP by burning their chips on fire. A wonderful time has passed.

Ignition was always my cult favorite

In an age where Americans had poker options like PokerStars, Party Poker, and Full Tilt Poker, the early Ignition Poker (then Bodog) was always a cult favorite of mine.

Bodog had a new mindset that manifested into extraordinarily loose tables, customized care, and a banking method that only an online gambling pioneer could dare to deliver.

I use the term “cult” because it appeared like no one else gave Ignition its due. Those of us who participated in them were unable to get enough of the cash games.

Little did anybody realize that the progenitors of Ignition Poker were setting the groundwork for one of the most successful online poker companies in history.

Why they’re the greatest now

All of my sentimental kudos are now meaningless to you, as you are a brand-new player.

History means nothing in an industry that can shift on a dime and extinguishes old fires quicker than players can click “cash out”.

For two years, I was unable to express myself.

Because Ignition Poker and Bovada firmly imposed a media embargo for the past two years, it’s been difficult to offer players an accurate picture of the US market.

No poker media was authorized to even recognize the presence of the poker room, which made for an extraordinarily tough situation to be in.

The biggest and greatest US-facing poker room was out there, doing its thing, distributing lucrative games, Zone Poker, and the only real mobile client, but I couldn’t tell you about it.

It was frustrating.

Let me be clear:

I still suggest BetOnline as a good stand-in, but they fall short of Ignition Poker’s quality.

Alas, the embargo is no more. You have broken the seal on my lips (and fingertips). The monarch has returned to take back his throne. King Richard has nothing on Ignition Poker.

What makes me so ecstatic

Why am I so happy to be able to bring up Ignition Poker once more?

If they fail players today, my 14-year relationship with them means absolutely nothing.

Ignition Poker simply outperforms all other US-friendly online poker rooms in almost every way.

Here’s a snippet of their résumé that no one else can touch:

  • Ignition Poker is the largest US poker network by far, behind just PokerStars and 888 Poker for the largest in the world.
  • Only a few US-based gaming portals provide mobile-friendly versions of their games. This is such a vital feature and they’re one of the only ones implementing it.
  • Ignition is the only US site featuring quick-fold poker. For many years, this has been my preferred style of poker.
  • Ignition’s payment reputation is unsurpassed. For more than a decade, Ignition Poker has successfully processed check withdrawals for US players within a week. That’s now reduced to less than 4 hours thanks to Bitcoin.
  • The games haven’t changed in terms of toughness. Even if they haven’t always been there, it’s more vital than ever to remember that. Expect flop percentages 5-10 percent higher than the competition at Ignition Poker.

Those characteristics practically match up exactly to what’s crucial these days to most US players.

Sick of tight games, payment worries, and barren tables? Ignition Poker is probably going to be the solution unless you live in Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New York, or New Jersey. Ignition does not accept players from specific states and enforces it hard, including trying to determine whether you’re using a VPN to get around the ban.

In addition, Ignition Poker is one of the few online poker rooms that accepts Australian players.

Questions and Answers

Is it legal to play Ignition Poker in the US?

Ignition Poker has been recognized authorized for operation by its native government of Costa Rica. Due to the fact that just a few of states have legislation specifically targeting players, it is safe to assume that most American players are not breaking the law. One major exception to it is the state of Washington.

Which network is Ignition Poker on?

The PaiWangLuo online poker network comprises both Ignition Poker and Bovada Poker. It is now the market leader in terms of player traffic for poker sites available to Americans.

Does Ignition Poker feature rakeback?

Rakeback is not supported by Ignition Poker in any way, and their high player traffic indicates that they don’t see the need to. Instead of rakeback, Ignition does award players Poker Points, which are used to clear bonuses and may be converted to cash.

Are Ignition and Bovada the same?

In spite of the fact that Ignition Casino and Bovada are two independent companies, they both use the same network for their online poker rooms. That implies that players on both sites sit at the same cash game tables and tournaments.

What is the bonus for Ignition Poker?

Ignition Poker provides a first deposit bonus of up to $2,000 if you use a credit card. You can receive 100 percent up to $1,000 for poker play and 100 percent up to $1,000 for casino play. Ignition boosts the bonus offer to $3,000 if you deposit using Bitcoin. You earn 150 percent for the poker room and 150 percent for casino games.

What is the quality of the software utilized by Ignition Poker?

The software is free to use and doesn’t require a download. The software is created and maintained internally by Ignition Casino. Using a browser, you may play poker on any desktop operating system — Windows, Mac, or others. Ignition is also available on both iOS and Android mobile devices. There’s no need to install anything. For the most part, this software is really easy to use. Rabbit hunting, anonymous tables, and quick-fold tables are a few of the unique features offered.

What are the rake fees connected with playing on Ignition Poker?

Rake costs at Ignition Poker are normally 5 percent of the pot. That implies the rake is $0.01 for every $0.20 in the pot. The maximum rake per pot depends on if you’re playing Fixed Limit or Not Limit as well as how many seats the table has. The maximum rake cost for Ignition No Limit tables with at least six players and stakes more than $0.10/$0.25 is $4. Maximum rake reduces to $1 or less for Fixed Limit and micro-stakes games.

How does Ignition Poker compare to other online poker sites?

Even though it only launched in 2016, Ignition Poker has already established itself as one of the most popular online poker rooms. There are a variety of reasons why players have attracted to this site, but the three most typically stated include anonymous tables, fast-fold poker, and speedy payouts.

Who should I contact if I have difficulties with Ignition Poker?

If you experience difficulties with Ignition Poker, you may contact the customer support service through email, telephone, or live chat. The customer support team is available 24/7. A response to an email will take between 24 and 48 hours. Within a few minutes, you’ll be speaking with an agent over live chat.

There are flaws with Ignition Poker

There isn’t an ideal online poker room, in my opinion. It’s only natural for each player to have their own idea of what “perfect” looks like.

I’m certainly not attempting to depict Ignition Poker as infallible.

There is time for improvement in the poker-centric promos; the tournament guarantees aren’t as high as they may be, and the software has a time of glitches.

However, I think practically every US player is prepared to put up with those inconveniences for the enormous payoff at Ignition Poker.

Those nitpicks are more analogous to potholes in a US market replete with sinkholes.

Really, I suppose it all boils down to this:

Ignition Poker is the closest outfit to making me feel like it’s 2004 all over again and that couldn’t be a bigger compliment.

Ignition Poker changed its software with flat visuals, tournaments on mobile, and web-based immediate play with no download necessary.

Cons of Ignition Poker

Software quirks are irritating

Igintion Poker urgently has to fix up these antiquated software issues. On my strong Windows 10 desktop, the Ignition Poker software still runs and loads a blank lobby at times. The only method to resolve it is to close and restart the software.

On top of that, I’ve had freezing issues with Ignition Poker on both mobile and desktop, both during and between hands. I just have to wait till the software gets receptive and begins moving again. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I can see instances where that may be terrible.

However, I must say that the most recent software upgrade from Ignition Poker is one of my favorites yet. No download is necessary anymore, which helps ease a lot of the old legacy software issues.

Ignition Casino has no formal license

Despite the fact that Bovada and Bodog had been operating for years under a Quebec-based Kahnawake Gambling Commission license, they (along with all other US-facing online gaming companies) lost their license in 2016.

Hence, Ignition Casino has been operating without an official gambling license since that time, as I’ve confirmed by insiders there.

It’s bad optics not to at least get a business license for yourself, even while I agree with their management’s off-the-record statements that their US-facing competitors (like BetOnline) are basically holding phony licenses.

It begs the issue of why they haven’t gotten a new license yet?

Note that any poker affiliate website that still shows Ignition Poker as having a KGC license is either obsolete or is purposefully deceiving you to make themselves more money.

Increased their rake levels

This seems to be an outcome of online gaming sites progressively demonstrating their distaste for the small margins of online poker. In late 2016, the news broke that Bovada, Bodog, and Ignition Poker will be boosting rake levels, leading in some tables seeing up to a 33 percent rake rise.

Under the new regulations at Ignition, the maximum rake per hand is now $4.00 as compared to the previous $3,00, and there are now more rake stages, meaning more points at which it goes up.

Online poker’s ever-increasing fees and rake may be the norm these days, but it doesn’t make it any less aggravating.

Multiple tables, tournaments, and quick play are now available on Ignition Poker’s mobile app, according to the company’s recent software overhaul.

  • Limits for Ignition Poker Games
  • Limits on the size of the game
  • Zone (Fast-Fold) .02/.05 .50/$1
  • No-Limit Hold’em .02/.05 $30/60
  • Fixed-Limit Hold’em .05/.10 $30/60
  • Omaha .02/.05 $30/60
  • There is no longer a download required for poker.

Ignition looks to be fully phasing out their real desktop software entirely. I hadn’t even recognized that I was playing in a browser on my computer or mobile device until now.

The Ignition Poker website has a dedicated Poker section where you may play playing straight immediately, regardless of where you are or what mobile you’re using.

Ignition Poker no longer offers standalone desktop software. To access the poker lobby on any device, simply click on one of these two sections. An app or download are not necessary.

There was a connection error while trying to run the Ignition poker software directly from my computer.

Ignition has shown itself to be a sloppy company in the past. Even while I’m completely OK with simply using a browser, I’m sure there are a lot of other old-school players like myself who still have the Ignition software hanging around on their computer. A lot of older players may not have marched on with time and grown acclimated to playing from a phone.

According to my knowledge, Ignition did not notify players when their software client was being shut down or provide instructions on how to play their players on the new website.

In no way am I a proponent of forcing customers to figure out what’s wrong with a product or service on their own. Their most devoted players, some of whom have been with them for years, are offended.

Browser-based poker interface is less glitchy

So let me be clear: I enjoy playing games from the Ignition website tremendously. I haven’t experienced as many bugs as the previous software, you never have to update it, and it makes it even difficult for players to utilize third-party tracking software.

The best part is that it’s quite simple to play on a mobile or tablet. If anything, Ignition should emphasize that the software is no longer functional.

Ignition Poker Mobile

They’re the only ones who “get” mobile

It’s surprising how openly dumb the US-facing poker market has been on the whole concerning mobile poker for a decade now.

It is for this reason that I give Ignition Poker such high marks: they are now the only ones who grasp it.

Our phones are more often used than our laptops.

Smartphones aren’t a brand-new technology that may be supported or not by app developers at will. We all now do everything from them.

In reality, we’re years past the moment where mobile computing superseded desktop computer.

That’s right: the globe utilizes their phones and tablets more than their laptops.

There is no difference between poker players and anybody else.

What makes poker players any different from the rest of the population? They aren’t and, again, Ignition Pokers seems to be the only reputable site paying attention to it.

Why official applications are out?

The difficulties are plain to see. Unrestricted US-facing applications will not be accepted by Google or Apple (the only app shops that count).

They don’t want to risk the wrath of the structured bribes, I mean “fines”, requested by the US government.

Official applications are no longer available unless you live in one of the three states with strict regulation, none of which include Delaware, New Jersey, or Nevada.

Ignition Poker developed a method

Poker rooms in the United States with a strong sense of purpose always find a way. You build a non-downloadable interface that works on any browser. Period. You simply do it.

The only other 2 poker site alternatives that are worth playing at in the US – BetOnline and America’s Cardroom – have been nothing short of boneheaded not to. To disregard mobile play in this day and age is utterly irrational.

Mobile poker players in the United States have little choice but to use Ignition Poker’s service, which has been available without a mobile app for some years.

This download of Ignition Poker may now be accessed on a mobile device without the need for downloading an app. All tournaments may now be played on mobile devices as well.

Playing on mobile is easy

The procedure of playing Ignition Poker on my mobile was a breeze because I’m an iOS user. See my entire screenshots and guide below.

  • Log up at Ignition Poker
  • Click on the Poker tab
  • Flip your phone on its side.
  • Instantly play any cash game or tournament

Zone Poker + mobile = Poker’s Holy Grail

That’s it, really. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see symbols for Zone Poker, Jackpot Sit & Go’s, and for conventional cash games.

Zone Poker works wonderfully over mobile, transporting you to fresh hands just as swiftly and efficiently as it does on the Ignition Poker desktop software.

In fact, I would venture to suggest that Zone Poker with a mobile app produces the Holy Grail for US poker players.

Play a number of real-money poker hands each time you can use your phone for a few minutes or longer. You might as well simply hook it up on an IV drip now.

  • Sitting in a chilly medical office? We are now in Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • Kids fell asleep on your lap? Zone-a-roo.
  • Taking cereal nibbles and savoring them? To the power of one, Z.
  • Wife fell asleep before you? Zoooooone.

It’s the ideal set of pants pockets. That pun was the nuts. I’ll quit now.

With the latest Ignition mobile version, you can now see all of your tables in a single table.

Normal cash game mechanics

The alternative choice is to play a conventional cash game, which contains the whole table list at every level.

With the exception of more sophisticated features like hand replays, resizing, and table colors, cash games on Ignition Poker mobile appear identical to those on the desktop software.

Limitations of mobile

For real money games, the only real drawback is the absence of multi-table functionality and the inability to multitask while playing.

Unlike on desktops with forced attention or a blinking taskbar, you won’t know when it’s your turn to act.

On Ignition Poker mobile, I nearly only play Zone Poker instead of traditional cash games because you can only have one window open.

If you’re playing a classic cash game, be sure it’s at a high enough level to sustain your interest or utilize it as a second leisure activity like I know some of you have the intellectual ability to do.

Let’s hope you set the restroom as the boundary, but who am I kidding?

The pre-set betting buttons make the games run quicker on mobile.

Tournaments used to not be available on mobile

The one huge feature Ignition Poker might introduce in the future is a multi-table tournament or ordinary Sit and Go function, with the latter appearing more interesting to me.

I suppose a multiple-hour multi-table tournament is definitely still the realm of desktops, but it would still be good to have on offer.

Note that following the recent software upgrade, Ignition Poker now adds Sit and Go and multi-table tournaments on mobile. To move between game modes, simply click the navigation menu in the upper-right area of the screen.

Ignition Poker hasn’t brought back the blazing cards of old, but it has preserved another amusing animation for when you win a hand.

Why Ignition’s mobile offering is extremely crucial?

This aspect of Ignition Poker gets a lot of attention, but that’s because it’s so vital to mobile poker players these days.

In a US market where everyone else is dumb, this is the only true mobile alternative you’ll discover. Fortunately, it’s an outstanding first and final option.

On Your Mobile Device, Play Ignition Poker

Note that Ignition Poker has significantly simplified this process with the last major software upgrade. You no longer need to bookmark them to your home screen. To access the lobby, simply browse to the Poker area of the Ignition Casino website. It is now possible to play any tournament or Sit and Go on mobile using Ignition. Previously, this was not possible.

Cash games and Zone Poker quick-folds are no problem with the Ignition Poker mobile app.

If you want to play a single cash game or Zone, this is the best option because it lacks several tables and tournaments.

There is no app download necessary, but the Ignition mobile client still gets kept on your phone for convenient access later.

Using the mobile client is a breeze if you follow these easy instructions.

Although I used an iPhone 6s Plus to do the task, the steps are almost identical on Android devices. This also works on tablets.

If you already have an Ignition Poker player account, you may skip to step 3.

Create a player account at Ignition Poker by clicking “JOIN.” You may do this from your PC, phone, or tablet.

Fill out the registration form and sign in to your player account using your phone or tablet.

When you reach the top-left hamburger menu, click Poker from the drop-down menu.

You’ll see the following screen appear:

Tap on “Zone Poker” or “Cash Games” and you’ll receive this dialog box. On iOS, this is represented as a rectangle with an arrow.

Click “Add to Home Screen.”

Name the shortcut whatever you’d like and hit “Add”.

As if it were an app, Ignition Poker is now available on your phone. You’ll now discover the Ignition symbol on your home screen. Tap its icon to open the poker room and log in.

You can play in a Zone Poker game or a regular Cash Game. You may also now pick any tournament as well. The tables displayed here are identical to those in the desktop client.

Folding is a table available at any time during a hand at Zone Poker tables…

…and you’re whisked away…

…to a whole new hand with new players instantaneously.

You’re set.

Play tables on mobile just as you would on desktop with taps substituting clicks. Fliptroniks also provides some really nice video tutorials concerning the Ignition Poker app.

Make bespoke bets with the right-hand slider or manually enter your wager amount by tapping the calculator button.

Now all that’s left is for you to win the game. Fortunately, that’s going to come a bit easier at Ignition Poker because to the general quality (or lack thereof) you’ll experience from this player population.

Ignition Casino Offers Special Features

Zone Poker

If you aren’t acquainted, Zone Poker is what Ignition Poker names its quick-fold poker variant. You can play 200-300 hands per hour at Zone Poker thanks to the magic of the software.

Back in 2009, when Full Tilt Poker was still a non-Ponzi time and I first tried quick-fold poker, I was addicted in about -7 minutes.

Without a doubt in my perspective, quick-fold poker is the finest and most unique breakthrough in online poker since the Sit and Go.

In fact, I would venture to argue it’s even better.

What is Zone?

Zone Poker’s anonymous tables build on the quick-fold method, making it impossible for your opponents to follow you even over the course of a single session.

Each limit’s total player count is combined into a single entity rather than forcing everyone to sit at the same table.

As soon as you fold at any stage in your hand, you’re taken to a new table full of 5 other players who have also just folded.

In an ideal world, Ignition Poker would provide Zone Poker in a 9-seat configuration, however for the time being, it is only accessible in a 6-seat configuration.

It’s fantastic to have tables with no names on them.

Ignition predecessor Bovada established anonymous tables in 2011 as a clever defense against players equipped with stat tracking systems. It also rendered websites maintaining past data on players worthless.

The timing couldn’t have been more ideal, since interest in poker has dwindled over the past decade and the surge of new recreational chip-donators has slowed to a trickle.

With poker game fields getting tighter and tougher, Ignition Poker took measures to make sure their perennially-soft games were appealing to beginner players.

How does it work?

Unlike many other poker sites, you never see the screen names of other players at the table. Never.

Each player is simply identifiable by their chip stack and their seat number. What a fantastic concept!

Thus, poker players may continue to obtain data the old-fashioned way: by actually watching the other players play.

Even if you just play at one table, you may learn a lot by observing players like “1” or “5”. That’ll get you through the rest of the game till that player leaves the table.

Anonymous tables are a key reason the games so loose here

What anonymous tables decisively eliminate is the software-driven data collecting and heads-up displays that some expert players swear on.

You can’t check up a player’s history using your monitoring software since there’s no way to identify players across many sessions.

This applies to Zone Poker, cash games, and tournaments. As a result, players will be able to:

  • Sit down at a table and not be concerned they’re being followed by someone who has their number
  • Being fearful of having a past defeat on their record
  • Before they ever play a hand, their playing habits should remain a mystery.
  • In the end, this provides Ignition Poker tables a 5-10 percent greater flop percentage than their contemporaries and that’s a major appeal.
  • Grinder complaints are a sign that they are doing something correctly.

Isn’t what we really desire a welcoming atmosphere for new recreational players?

Elitist grinders who can’t use their preferred secret advantage have been heard wailing about the Ignition Poker anonymous tables throughout the years.

What do I tell them, do you know?

Good. Please stay away and congregate on your favorite single-digit flop poker site.

The bottom line is this:

Isn’t it a positive sign if the better players don’t like it?

Ignition Poker has launched an official instant play version of their game.

Additionally, Ignition Poker’s no-download option is a clever modern innovation to go along with its more current software appearance. With how far browsers have gone, there’s no practical reason you should have to download anything to play something easy like online poker.

After joining in to Ignition Poker and navigating to the Poker area, you may pick one of these alternatives to either play in your browser or go old-school and download it.

There is no need or option for a download on newer poker sites like Global Poker and Nitrogen Sports, which launched after Ignition Poker went live. The future of online poker is instant play within your web browser that scalable for mobile devices.

Without having to download anything, Ignition Poker is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems. You can play up to four tables on anything from a Windows PC to an iPad to a Mac, and even something too cool for school like Linux. All you need is a web browser.

The only thing left to do once you join in to Ignition Poker is click on Poker, Play Now, and then select your game selections. The web-based software allows you to participate in all of the casino’s cash games, Zone Poker, and tournaments.

As you can see, this is all taking place within my browser. Now, you may open many tables at the same time without having to download any additional software from Ignition Poker.

You may now multitable without downloading to download any additional software.

The main worry I have with no-download poker software is how it manages many tables. Fortunately, Ignition Poker does it really effectively for up to 4 tables.

Just click this small addition symbol to add a table to your Ignition arsenal. You may play up to 4 tables using the no-download software.

You’ll see a grid at the very top of your window that allows you to add new tables. When you have more than one open, you’ll see your cards and position right up there in each little rectangle. Ignition Poker has made things even simpler by including a grid option.

Open three or four tables on the web-based Ignition client, and you’ll see this automatically generated table grid.

With each new table you join, your browser window will be divided in half if you’re playing at two tables, or four quarters if you have three or more tables open simultaneously. On a desktop, our displays are big enough and quality good enough that you can easily observe all the activity at every table in one browser window.

You can play 4 total tables without downloading anything, including up to 2 Zone Poker tables.

There are just two Zone Poker tables on Ignition Poker, which is a good decision. To be able to play more than one instrument at once, you’d have to be Johnny 5.

The inner conflict of a technologically jaded person

“Do I truly have to enter in the link and take 4 seconds to download the software and install it?”

“Do I really have to confirm with Windows that, yes, I really do intend to install something that runs the danger of damaging my computer, destroying the Internet, and beginning World War III?”

What is the point of having to watch that bar fill up in such a painfully slow manner just so it has the most recent update?”

To avoid seeming like a degenerate who can’t go an hour without playing online poker, “Do I really have to do all that just to delete it again?”

“Do I really have those 5 minutes to spare?!?!”

Definitely a first-world problem, and you probably have the same ideas about it as I do.

Web-based poker games used to need the deployment of this technique.

Before the newest upgrade, I discovered a tiny “hack” that allows you play on Ignition Poker straight immediately. You don’t have to strain your brain trying to figure out whether or not it’s worth it to play any quick money games on your computer.

In spite of its limitations, Ignition Casino’s mobile client allows players to play right away on their phones and tablets, even without downloading to download anything.

Were desktop players to have that option, I would have done something about it.

How to play playing straight away with no download required immediate play?

  1. Visit Ignition from any computer. As long as you’re using a functional browser, it doesn’t matter what operating system you’re on.
  2. Open an existing account or create a new one.
  3. If you need to make a deposit, you can do it through the website.
  4. Open your browser and go to m.ignitioncasino.eu/poker/ manually.
  5. You’ll be able to join any cash or Zone Poker game in your browser as soon as the poker lobby appears.

You’re effectively using your desktop as a mobile client, but who gives a damn? It works if you simply want to get some fast cash hands on a computer that you don’t want to download software on. Even if you’re using a Chromebook or some other oddball operating system, this will still work for you.

The single huge restriction is the lack of any tournament play, which is a boneheaded omission that I hope Ignition solves at some time.

This is what Ignition will look like on your desktop browser when you use the no-download technique. It’s a little funny, but, hey, it works just fine for cash games if you can’t or don’t feel like downloading anything.

Ignition Poker’s software was recently modified to accommodate web-based immediate play. You no longer have to download anything to play poker and it’s fantastic.

Bitcoin and the Ignition Poker Network

As you start spending some time around Ignition Poker, there’s one term you won’t be able to ignore: Bitcoin. There’s a reason behind this.

The world’s first practical cryptocurrency started trading in 2009, but only recently have better poker sites caught on to just how important it is.

We’ve never seen anything like Bitcoin before. Ever.

Unfortunately, most gamers have yet to take the effort to get set up with Bitcoin.

By not using Bitcoin, you’re making your online poker career more difficult, and I speak from experience as a fellow player who’s had years of experience making payments before Bitcoin.

I hate to go into hyperbolic street peddler mode, but Bitcoin is the finest solution for online poker deposits and withdrawals we’ve ever seen.

It’s just superior to anything else of its kind ever created by anybody, anywhere. It’s almost as if it was created exclusively for use in online gaming.

I’ve just completed writing a comprehensive guide on how to use Bitcoin at every major online poker site.

A few perks of Bitcoin:

  • A connected bank account at your exchange to instantly receive your money
  • No refused transactions. Ever.
  • Your bank will only know that you’re sending and receiving money from a Bitcoin exchange
  • You’ll receive reduced deposit minimums and lower payout minimums everywhere
  • Ignition Poker does not impose fees going either way for Bitcoin
  • Perhaps best of all, Bitcoin payouts are handled faster everywhere. At Ignition Poker, it’s generally between 6-24 hours.

Setup is quite simple.

The above may seem fantastic to you. However, how do you go about setting up a Bitcoin wallet?

In this article, I go into great detail on Bitcoin, however the basic minimum is as follows:

  • Open a Bitcoin exchange account with a trusted company. For several years now, I’ve been using Kraken and Gemini without any problems.
  • Verify your identification and link a bank account.

Any amount you choose to deposit will be converted to the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin.

Download and use a Bitcoin wallet app on your desktop or mobile device to store your cryptocurrency. I use Bitpay or Electrum on my desktop and Bitpay or Bread on my phone.

You may now transfer your Bitcoins from the exchange to your own Bitcoin wallet.

To make a Bitcoin deposit, simply follow the poker room’s instructions.

All of your money is now immediately ready for use in the play.

Seriously, that’s all that you need to do.

How about Bitcoin payouts?

Give Ignition Poker your most recent Bitcoin receiving address from your wallet when you’re ready to withdraw.

It is possible to get cash transferred back into your bank account by selling it at an exchange.

We’ve never seen something as secret, simple, and successful for poker deposits.

Spread the news and don’t ever bother with another way again.

Ignition Poker Bitcoin Options

  • Minimum Maximum Fees Frequency allowed Timeframe
  • No restriction on deposits up to $5,000; instantaneous up to $25,000.
  • Each 3 days, 24 hours, or less, you can withdraw $20,500.

How to Deposit With Bitcoin at Ignition Poker?

By its nature, Bitcoin is so simple to use that you’ll ultimately be confident enough to switch windows and copy-paste enormous alphanumeric sequences like a pro.

The first few times, though, it might feel a little daunting.

I’m also presuming you’ve bought Bitcoin at an exchange such as Kraken and have downloaded a Bitcoin wallet.

Let’s stroll through it:

From your Ignition Poker software, visit the cashier and click “MAKE A DEPOSIT”. You may also do this from the mobile client.

Choose Bitcoin as the deposit method

Choose a deposit amount. I did $100 here. For me, there was a place to enter the last 4 digits of my SSN, but I didn’t see it on following cashier visits.

Be sure you choose the proper thing under “Available Bonuses”. I choose the Bitcoin Bonus, which was a mistake as it required casino games to clear. As an alternative, select the “Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus” to play with a bonus that can only be cleared playing poker.

This important screen will appear once you click “DEPOSIT.” Copy the wallet address like I did.

Open your Bitcoin wallet and click “Send”. Here is where you’ll enter in the address you copied from the Ignition cashier. You must send the exact BTC amount stated in the Ignition cashier. $100 occurred to be 0.1754109 BTC on the day I did it.

Confirm the transaction by clicking “Send”. You’ll notice a minor charge imposed, which is required by the Bitcoin ecosystem.

As soon as you return to your Ignition Poker cashier, you will get a notice stating that your transaction was successful.

That’s it! Your deposit will be applied to your cash balance anywhere from instantaneously to roughly 30 minutes.

Be happy that you just conducted a secret hassle-free poker deposit utilizing cryptocurrency.

Now, Ignition just provides you with a deposit account number.

Ignition Poker has recently changed its Bitcoin deposit mechanism, with a modest yet helpful modification. Instead of needing to pick your deposit quantity, Ignition now just offers you a Bitcoin address and you send in what you’d like.

I enjoy that you may now put in any Bitcoin amount to deposit with Ignition Poker, which makes it easy to send a max amount from your wallet.

It appears like Ignition Poker is no longer crediting your account with the money you deposit using Bitcoin. I had to wait the required confirmation period on the Bitcoin network (in this case, 24 minutes) for my most recent Bitcoin deposit to appear in my Ignition account balance.

How To Withdraw Using Bitcoin at Ignition Casino?

  1. Copy your wallet’s receive address from a wallet like Bitpay, Electrum, or Bread.
  2. In the cashier of Ignition Casino, click “REQUEST WITHDRAWAL”.
  3. Enter your mother’s maiden name, the wallet address you copied, and the amount you want to withdraw. The use of Bitcoin at Ignition Casino is free.
  4. Wait 24-48 hours and you’ll receive your reward immediately to your Bitcoin wallet.

That’s it!

List of things you can do next with your Bitcoin

  1. Sell it back to an exchange and get money deposited to your bank account
  2. Let it sit and ride the Bitcoin market
  3. Make a purchase anywhere that takes Bitcoin
  4. Deposit it at another poker site

Ignition Poker Deposit Bonus

Ignition Poker has boosted their poker bonus maximum 15x, meaning it’s now 150 percent up to $1,500 if you deposit using Bitcoin. At addition, you’ll get a 150 percent bonus when you play in the casino. That makes the total Bitcoin bonus value at Ignition $3,000.

Ignition Poker offers a 100% bonus up to $1,000 for poker and a 100% bonus up to $1,000 for casino play if you deposit with a credit card. A total of $2,000 is yours.

Ignition Poker provides players both a poker and casino bonus. When you deposit using Bitcoin, your funds are multiplied by ten and a half hundred percent.

PSA: If you just play poker at Ignition Poker and have the opportunity to select your bonus, choose only the Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus when making a deposit with Bitcoin.

It doesn’t sound like the best play, but if you want to get a bonus of 150% up to $1,500 while playing poker, it is.

If you pick the Bitcoin Bonus or the Weekly Boost you can only unlock it through casino play.

If you don’t choose this option beneath the deposit amount, you’ll be forced to play the casino. It reads, “Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus”, yet it includes the poker element. The final choice had me in stitches with laughter.

Ignition Poker immediately rectified its weakest area

When I originally assessed Ignition Poker at its inception, one aspect jumped out as a wasted opportunity: the poor poker-only bonus with a $100 restriction.

Since most online poker players won’t make more than $100 in bonuses, I thought it was a bit excessive.

They were fast to address the issue and have now raised the maximum to 150 percent up to $1,500, which is more than what many of their competitors are offering as a result.

If you play Zone Poker at all (like I do a majority of the time), you’ll also clear it at an incredible pace.

There are far too many promotions available just to casino players.

Many of the promotions, including the whole Ignition Rewards program, are oriented completely at casino players and exclude poker as a qualifying game.

Over time, I hope that Ignition Poker understands the benefit of pitching directly to poker-only players, since they have been a substantial part of the Bovada customer for years.

The real reason bonuses don’t matter

That being stated, my basic philosophy of judging an online poker site focuses less weight on showy deposit bonuses and promotions than most.

Those things are wonderful for marketing and diverting players away from more significant concerns, but in today’s poker scene players typically have other interests.

Increasingly, bonuses and promotions are only available to those who play poker on a regular basis due to the shrinkage of the business and the rarity of reliable fish-filled sites.

The bonus is huge and straightforward

There aren’t many bonuses available these days, which is why Ignition Poker’s is appealing for its simplicity.

The genuine poker-only bonus has been boosted to 150 percent up to $1,500 if using Bitcoin. You’ve got 30 days to clear it and Zone Poker is your best bet to do it.

Simple bonus release regulations

This bonus appeals to me because of the big ceiling of $1,000 and the simplicity with which it is offered.

Each of these phases has been released:

Bonus Calculator for Ignition Casino Poker

Total Poker Points Required Bonus Released Total Bonus Accrued

15 $5 $5

85 $20 $25

185 $25 $50

400 $50 $100

1,000 $100 $200

2,500 $200 $400

5,000 $250 $650

10,000 $350 $1,000

That boils out to $100 free for collecting your first 400 Poker Points.

However, as I constantly stress, the release rate figure is so much more essential than the eye-popping PR-friendly bonus cap number.

My additional data for the launch of the bonus

My bonus release testing on normal cash games were done at $.50/1 NL Hold’em, which looks like a great median game limit that many players frequent.

What I discovered was as follows:

I got roughly 3-5 Poker Points per hour each table in standard cash games. That corresponds to around $1-1.65 in bonus released every hour per table.

That is about normal for the course and unimpressive.

Zoom is great for Ignition Poker’s bonus

However, the secret bonus value resides in Zoom Poker, of which Ignition Poker is the only to provide in the US.

I was able to earn up to $10 in bonus release every hour playing Zoom Poker at $.50/1 NL Hold’em and earning up to 40 Poker Points per entry per hour.

Such a high rate is incredible.

If you’re familiar with Zoom Poker at all, you’ll clear your bonus at an outstanding pace.

Release rate changes as you go to the upper levels

However, Ignition is clever in that they demand more poker points per dollar if you are eligible for more than the first $100 in bonus money cleared.

Note: Average release rate was computed at Zone Poker $.50/1 NL. Adjusting the stakes will affect your release rate.

If you played for 10 hours a day, you’d earn $100 ($10 per hour), while clearing $1,000 would need 250 hours of play ($4 per hour).

I’ve never seen anything like that at another poker site.

Summary of the Ignition Poker bonus terms and conditions

The bonus ceiling at Ignition Poker has been raised to $1,000, making it one of the best offers around.

Personally, I care very little about what the bonus offer numbers seem like and more about how easy they truly are to acquire.

Conclusion: If you’re spending enough time playing Zone at medium or higher stakes, your bonus cash should be cleared within the 30 days you’re allowed.

Even while it is increasingly a bit difficult to unlock as you clear more, the overall release rate is still outstanding.

Additional promotions

The other 3 poker promotions come around relatively occasionally, but you still need to keep them in mind.

Bonus for getting a Royal Flush

Ignition Poker provides a Royal Flush bonus that gives you 50x the large blind of the table you were seated at for reaching the pinnacle of poker cards.

It doesn’t have to go to showdown and it can’t be on a heads-up table, but you had to remain in long enough to hit the Royal. Folded hands that would have hit it don’t count.

You really have to enter the hand number manually to the poker room, therefore you should keep in mind that this exists.

This is a Bad Beat bonus!

A Bad Beat bonus is also available, although it cannot be earned at a heads-up table. You need to lose with Aces full of Kings or better and you’ll receive 100x the large blind.

Again, you have to give the hand number to the poker room afterwards.

Rewards are given and received in this way.

Finally, there is a Poker Points exchange mechanism, although it can only be done for tournament tickets and not straight cash.

The exchange rate had me snickering a bit since it’s 200 Poker Points every $1 of tickets, or 2 percent of the deposit bonus rate.

Your Poker Points also expire every year on June 1. This isn’t a very forgiving system.

Final thoughts on promotions before we part ways

As you see, the promotion area might use some updating as Ignition Poker evolves. Or perhaps it is unnecessary.

They boosted the bonus cap 10 times to $1,000, which was a great touch and done very swiftly after player criticism.

Everything else about this poker room is a plus. It’s possible that they’re wise to keep the PR things for more pressing things, such as speedy free payments and new software development.

No Deposit Bonus Codes for Ignition Casino

Bonus Code for Type of Promotional Offer

Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus Coupon 100 percent up to $1,000 on first deposit. Only at the casino, there is a 25x rollover requirement. Get voucher

Ignition Poker Welcome Bonus Coupon 100 percent up to $1,000 on first deposit. Gain Poker Points and go on.

Bitcoin Bonus Coupon Unlimited offer for Bitcoin deposits. 25 percent up to $1,000. Only in a casino can you get a rollover of up to ten times.

Cash Bonus Coupon 10 percent additional on unlimited credit card deposits. Only at the casino can you get a 50x return on your bet. Not valid on initial deposit. Get voucher

Refer a Friend Promotion: Get a 200% bonus up to $100 on your first deposit. 25x casino rollover. 3x Poker Points each $1 cash. None needed

Casino No Deposit casino [EXPIRED] Promo Code Get $5 in real money when you use this code upon registration.


No-Deposit Bonus at Ignition Poker

We regret to inform you that this promotion has now ended. There’s no telling if it’ll be back, but it was quite limited and required an absurd rollover to use. No one will miss it.

It doesn’t matter how little the poker site may be; any site that has enough trust in their product to give players anything extra without guaranteeing they’ll ever earn it back impresses me.

No deposit bonuses of $88 are available at 888 Poker, however unfortunately this site does not allow players from the United States.

There are over $100 in free bets at BetOnline, but you have to deposit money to get them.

No deposit bonus of $5 right away

Ignition Poker They genuinely give a $5 no-deposit bonus — for testing out their slots, keno, and scratch cards. This is where the crickets come in.

As a poker-only player myself, I can hear my fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Green Felt grumbling. I sorry for the anticlimax.

This is a little and unrelated bonus, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s free and doesn’t need a deposit.

How to obtain it?

For a free $5, you must:

  • Visit Ignition Poker
  • Open a new account with us
  • Use the coupon code REVFREE5 to get a $5 bonus.

Ignition uses this tactic to entice you to play their casino games. This is the same organization that owns casino-only sites like Slots.lv and Cafe Casino.

It’s free fun, but there’s very little chance you’ll withdraw away with money you can use to play poker with.

Strategy for actually making this usable

In order to better understand how to make use of this deal, let’s have a look at the essential terms:

  • There is a 100x playthrough requirement
  • Slot machine, scratch card and keno play are the only types of slots that contribute toward the playthrough

Seriously? Seriously.

Because no one wants to wager $500 on keno and scratch cards, you’ll most likely have to spend the $5 to make a significant slots run.

Bet the little you can per slot line if you want it to last longer. Fortunately, even if your balance doesn’t fluctuate much, total wagers on slots may soon pile up.

You’ll need to stake $500 in total to clear it for withdrawal or transfer to the poker room. If your free money lives that long, you’ll probably be ahead a decent bit anyhow.

So, why not make the claim?

Just know this is accessible if, you know, you want to throw some shade on Cleopatra and Zeus with spinning reels to blow off some rec-fueled bad beat steam.

For no-deposit programs in the US, this is regrettably the best you’re going to get.

Deposits into an Ignition Poker account

The rules of banking remain the same.

The cashier has remained the same with the change from Bovada to Ignition Poker, and I couldn’t be happier with that.

Since I joined in 2004, this company’s banking prowess has amazed me.

A direct deposit from a checking account was authorized, and withdrawals were routed back to the same account from which they were received.

Still one of the finest

While those days have come and gone, Ignition Poker’s deposit choices remain one of the finest in the market.

I think the financial relationships the Bodog dynasty has created through their 20 years in business provides them a huge edge.

There are two deposit options at Ignition Poker.

Ignition Poker’s cashier has a strange lack of functionality at first look.

What are the two most popular ways of deposit in the United States? They’ve simplified it to the two most effective approaches, so players aren’t frightened by the complexity of the game.

Bitcoin deposits

In the first place, there’s Bitcoin, which I cannot recommend highly enough.

Ignition Poker’s Bitcoin deposit process has always been straightforward for me.

Choose the Bitcoin payment option in the cashier, acquire the unique payment address, and transfer the exact amount the Ignition Poker cashier advises you to.

Within 20-30 minutes, and sometimes much sooner, the money is added to your poker account.

The minimum Bitcoin deposit is quite modest at $25 and Ignition Poker does not collect any fees.

Deposits using a credit or debit card

The second possibility is using a credit or debit card, of which you probably have a half-dozen in your wallet right now.

I would predict at least 4 (or 80 percent ) of these will work at Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker is anticipated to come in second place to BetOnline in terms of credit card acceptance in the United States.

It’s unlikely to be identified as gaming because they employ third-party processors for further secrecy. That implies you may have success even with pre-paid gift cards.

The minimum is quite cheap at $25 and, while Ignition Poker has showed a field for a 4.9 percent charge for years, it’s always had a strikethrough and stated “FREE” for me anytime I’ve looked.

Maybe it’s a brilliant marketing technique?

Other alternatives

If you’re looking for some of the more common US deposit methods like cash transfer, wire transfer, cashier’s check, or money order, I’m nearly confident you can use them if you actually phone the poker club beforehand and ask for specifics.

To be honest, they don’t like to promote payment methods that aren’t widely used by their customers.

Deposit Options at Ignition Poker

The minimum and maximum deposits are as follows: Fees approx. success rate

  • Bitcoin $25 $5,000 None 100 percent
  • Credit card $25 $1,500 4.9 percent (typically waived) 80-90 percent
  • Payouts at Ignition Poker
  • Getting their money is the key to their prosperity in the long run

In my opinion, the payouts are what have actually allowed this brand’s reputation to reach a cut above other US sites, regardless of whatever bonus, Fish Rating, or software improvement has lured players to this brand.

There has never been a payment controversy; the closest I can recall was a little delay following the UIGEA in 2006-2007.

Historically, they’ve paid out more quickly than their counterparts in the United States.

  • They do not pass processing charges on to players
  • reducing anxiety

Often neglected, but never straying far from the back of a US player’s mind, is the concern that their bankroll may vanish one day when their preferred unregulated poker house will be shut down or the operators will just disappear with player cash.

Ignition Poker and its former brand names have managed to decrease that worry by coming through again and over again since the early 2000’s. Over the course of the last 14 years, I’ve personally witnessed this with dozens of reimbursements.

Ignition Poker’s Payment Procedures

Payouts are reduced to a handful of established techniques, which appears to be the cashier’s dominant motif. You may request no more than three payouts each month.

This restriction is rather bothersome, but I guess that 95 percent of players do not need to cash more than once every ten days.


You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t make the effort to learn how to utilize Bitcoin, since it is undoubtedly the best option available.

At Ignition Poker, Bitcoin offers the quickest payouts and lowest minimums.

You can request Bitcoin payouts as little as $20 without incurring any costs. Additionally, Ignition reduced the processing time to as short as six hours. No other method can claim the same.

Paper check

The following option is paper check, which I appreciate how Ignition Poker handles.

One free withdrawal every month, regardless of method, is a lovely touch not given by many rival sites.

The majority of US-facing poker sites impose high minimums and/or fees in order to minimize payout requests and pass on expenses to players.

Ignition Poker exclusively sends out checks by courier, so they arrive faster and can be monitored. Typically, you’ll receive it within ten days, if not sooner.

Bank transfer

Lastly, Ignition Poker enables wire transfers, a feature that is uncommon in the US market. These may only be utilized for payouts more than $1,500, but the monies are sent immediately into your bank account.

Your bank will be able to see that you’ve received an overseas payment and who it’s from if you use wire transfers.

Obviously, gaming sites utilize third-party middlemen, but this might still lead to invasive talks with American banks. Global Poker and Ignition Poker are the two US-facing poker sites that provide direct bank transactions.

Slightly enhanced and slightly quicker

I continue to believe that every US-facing poker site I feature on Beat The Fish will honor their payment payouts.

I have dealt with each of them for at least five years and would not link to them if I had payment issues.

However, Ignition Poker handles it somewhat better and more quickly. Everything boils down to this:

If I had to put my cash on one American-facing site, it would be Ignition Poker every time.

Ignition Poker Withdrawal Methods

  • Bitcoin $20 $5,000 None Each three days to 48 hours.
  • Courier-delivered check $100 None 1 each month free $75 every seven days 5-10 business days
  • Wire transfer $1,500 $1,000,000 1 per month at no cost; $50 every seven days 5-10 business days

Rating for Ignition Poker Fish

They were usually softer than the competition.

When I reflect on my many years at the predecessors of Ignition Poker, one of the most enduringly favorable impressions is how loose the cash games have been in comparison to their competitors.

In the golden period, this meant nine-player tables with flop percentages of 40 to 45 percent and average pot sizes of 30 to 40 times the large blind.

Yes, in fact. I have always attributed this to the dominance of arrogant, gambling-obsessed sports players.

It seems to go hand-in-hand with the previous (current?) owner, Calvin Ayre.

Ignition is still distinct from most of the competition.

Nowadays, online poker is a distinct animal in which sharks frequently outweigh fish.

The largest online poker club in the world, PokerStars, offers games with flop percentages as low as one digit.

Fortunately, Ignition Poker continues to lead the pack in terms of beatable games.

In the past five years, they have tightened up in tandem with the global game, but they are still the most lax.

You need just grade on a curve.

9-seat tables continue to exist.

Popular cash games on Ignition Poker have both 6 and 9 seats, with the former outnumbering the latter by four or five to one up to the highest stakes, where the distribution is roughly balanced.

Your taste for shorthanded or full-table cash games will be personal, but I’m delighted that Ignition Poker’s full-table games still have a substantial player pool. In some sites, they are occasionally listed as endangered.

The numbers

Here are the typical game option numbers you may encounter:

For nine seat tables:

  • Flop percentages often vary between 25 and 30 percent, with the rare wild game occurring between 40 and 45 percent.
  • The average pot size is between 15 and 20 times the size of the big blind, with occasional games reaching 30 to 35 times the size of the big blind.

For six-seat tables,

  • Flop percentages often run between 35 and 40 percent, with the rare wild game exceeding 50 percent.
  • The average pot size is between 10 and 15 times the size of the big blind, with occasional games reaching 20 to 25 times the size of the big blind.

All of these numbers are around 5 to 10 percent above the industry average. This indicates that a greater number of players are seeing the flip for higher pots.

These are the poker games you desire.

Even though the volatility will be greater, this is the table you want if you have a skill edge.

Simply betting for value will result in greater payout frequency.

Personal evidence demonstrates that this is one of my most successful sites, allowing me to play at even lower limits than I would elsewhere due to the fact that my anticipated value is greater due to the increased action.

Zone Poker is a unique creature

Zone Poker, which is logical and follows the same structure as every other quick-fold variant, is one sector where you will find somewhat tighter games.

As Zone participants may physically see a fresh hand at any time, there is far less of an incentive to play terrible hands out of boredom or a need for action.

Zone Poker only provides tables with six seats, and the flop rate ranges between 25 and 30 percent. Occasionally, this rises to the lower 30s. That is 10-15% less than the typical 6-seated cash game.

Change your play

Certainly, zone games may still be profitable and exciting to play, but you should definitely adopt a more plain approach with fewer bluffs and more value bets.

When you go up against fresh players on every hand, clever moves are unnecessary and frequently detrimental.

Ignition Poker Competitions

I’ve never considered tournaments to be a major focus at Ignition Poker, but the site’s rapid rise to the third-largest poker room in the world over the past few years may change my perspective.

Why I prefer Ignition Poker for tournaments vs ACR?

Ignition Poker is unquestionably in the top two in terms of tournaments at US-facing sites, with only America’s Cardroom as competition.

After a period of time spent explicitly examining their events, I’ve concluded that I favor Ignition.

I prefer the tournament fields at Ignition to those at ACR for the following reasons:

  • The average number of events per hour during peak hours is 10 or more.
  • More players, with daily guarantees attracting 500 to 600
  • A complete calendar of overnight tournaments
  • Absence of rebuys and add-ons!

I was convinced by the absence of rebuys.

A little comment about rebuys and add-ons, in case you dislike them as much as I do: Rejoice! Ignition Poker appears to concur.

Ignition Poker provides extremely few events featuring rebuys, but many poker sites are embracing the trends of perpetual late registration and practically infinite get out of jail free card rebuys.

They do provide a late registration period of 14 levels (about 90 minutes), however at least 90 percent do not offer rebuys or add-ons.

Gimmicks favor lucky people

Sites such as America’s Cardroom adore rebuys because it allows them to collect more tournament fees from recreational players and increase the advertised prize pool numbers.

As much as I enjoy removing obstacles for re-entries in cash games, it irritates me when any player is granted an infinite number of re-entries.

It enables them to alter the entire character of the early rounds and place a larger premium on chance over talent.

Ignition Poker’s player fields are crucial for tournaments.

Ignition Poker does not require gimmicks to increase its customer base. They currently have so many players that they can provide simple formats that regulars will enjoy.

During the daily peak hours of 5 p.m., the real tournament schedule includes around 10 to 12 events each hour. till midnight EDT About 80% of them provide warranties, which is fantastic.

The average number of entries can vary significantly, with Omaha events (about twice per hour) attracting fewer than 100 and the most popular nightly tournaments, like as the $10k guarantee for $10, attracting around 1,000.

Average Hold’em tournament attendance is typically between 400 and 600 players.

Prize pool

Sunday tournaments at Ignition Poker provide the largest prize pools, with a $100,000 guaranteed tournament for a $150 buy-in and a $50,000 tournament for a $50 entry money. Both attract around one thousand players, with the latter occasionally providing a minor prize pool overlay.

Because the $100k is frequently closer to $125-150k with a smaller buy-in, I prefer it over the large tournaments at other US sites.

Ignition Poker has the most tournaments every day.

Included among my everyday highlights are:

  • Guarantees of $8,000 twice day. Frequently, $10 and $20 buy-ins with large overlays.
  • Daily guarantee of $25,000 for $50.
  • $2000 is guaranteed twice day. Buy-ins range from $3 to $10, with 10-50k varieties.
  • $10,000 daily guaranteed for $10 Turbo and deep stack variations.

Popular Sit and Go’s

Sit and Go tournaments are basic and fill up quickly up to the $200 level. The most common variants are:

  • Supercharged with 500 chips
  • Omaha turbo
  • Double up
  • Triple up

The Triple Up is a unique variety that is not available on many other sites. These are nine-player Sit and Go players in which the top three finishers receive three times their initial investment.

Due to the enormous amount of players, you’ll likely only have to wait 1-2 minutes for any Sit and Go under $50 to fill up, and roughly 5 minutes for the highest buy-in Ignition Poker provides for Sit and Gos, $100-$200.

There is also a consistent flow of heads-up players at all limits up to $200.

Similar to the good old days

Ignition Poker tournaments are the closest you’ll get to the good old days: simple formats with no rebuys and a large thing of players competing for several guarantees.

In other words, virtually flawless.

Jackpot Sit & Go on Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker was the latest of the big US-facing poker sites to offer the Jackpot Sit & Go, which is quite unexpected. Ignition Poker has implemented mobile support for Jackpot Sit and Go tournaments, making them the sole tournament type accessible via the mobile app.

The super turbo Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments have been launched to both desktop and mobile platforms, making them the first mobile tournament type at Ignition Poker.

What is a Sit and Go Jackpot?

Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments combine aspects of a standard Sit & Go with a random prize pool modeled after a lottery.

They are available to three players, and the blinds increase every three minutes in hyper-turbo fashion. The winner receives the whole prize pool, with the exception of the highest prize multipliers, which are shared 80/10/10.

In addition, players begin with only 500 chips, which frequently leads to all-in situations.

The construction of a Jackpot Sit & Go is examined. Each tournament will seldom consume more than a few minutes of your time.

You will seldom spend more than 10 minutes in a Jackpot Sit & Go unless you find yourself in a heads-up situation with a player who is concerned with strategy.

These are stupid, fast-paced Sit and Go tournaments loaded with gamblers.

Ignition Poker is already loose, but these all-in-or-shove maneuvers are especially prevalent in Jackpot Sit & Go types.

How the Jackpot’s payout is calculated?

Prior to the start of each event, a spinning wheel will stop on the prize pool. There is a 75% probability of receiving 2x the buy-in and a 25% chance of receiving 5x the buy-in.

The possible jackpot prize pool for Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments at Ignition Poker and all other poker sites is up to 1,200 times the buy-in. In addition, there is a 1 in 100,000 probability of that occurring.

Here is what you will see before to beginning:

Prior to each Jackpot at Ignition, a prize pool will be determined at random. This is often 2x or 5x your buy-in.

There are also minuscule odds of winning 120 and 240 times the buy-in.

The majority of the time, receiving the 2x and needing to defeat two players to double your money will irritate you. However, the 5x occurs rather often and might assist to alleviate frustration.

My opinion about Jackpot Sit & Gos

Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments are entertaining on occasion when you want rapid activity that doesn’t take too long and has a gambling aspect with a potentially enormous payoff. Ignition Poker promotes them to mobile players, which seems appropriate.

I appreciate that they incorporated a mobile tournament option. For more sophisticated players, Jackpots’ novelty will likely wear off quickly. The lack of strategy that rapid blinds and a low stack provide will likely irritate you.

This is the desired screen after the conclusion of a Jackpot Sit & Go. Ignition Poker awards the whole prize fund to the winner.

Ignition Poker Visitors

I was unable to report on Ignition Poker’s phenomenal surge in traffic over the previous several years due to their management’s ban on mentioning the company.

The resilience of American poker players is exemplified by the fact that an unregulated site that cannot freely market itself is ranked third in the world in terms of player traffic.

They are also the dominant market leader in the United States.

They are more populous than huge European poker sites such as Party Poker and Titan Poker.

Ignition Poker’s Strategy

They did so because of their longevity and repute. The individuals behind Ignition Poker have been offering poker since 2004, and because to their dependable product, its players remain loyal.

Actual numbers underlying the traffic

Their daily high is typically about 2,500 players, with the majority of those being cash game players.

Cash games

Ignition Poker is unique in that it does not provide entire tables of all things, making it difficult to estimate the number of active tables at any limit.

Nevertheless, I can confidently estimate that there are 10 to 20 full tables at each limit up to around $1/2 NL, 5 to 10 tables at $5/10 NL, and scattered games above $30/60 NL, which is exceptional.

Even fixed-limit and Omaha games are full.

Some $30/$60 fixed limit games are still popular during peak hours, with over 25 active tables.

Even Omaha and Omaha H/L up to $10/20, with perhaps over 50 active tables during peak hours.

Zone Poker

Ignition Poker also provides Zone Poker, a form of quick-fold poker that is always active.

There are more than 50 players (the software simply reports the total number of players as 50+) at each limit up to the $.50/1 NL level around the clock, which is sufficient to ensure that the next hand is dealt immediately.


Almost every guaranteed event attracts 400 players, constituting a very healthy tournament field. The greatest guarantees, like as the Sunday $100,000, attract over a thousand players.

Up to the $200 level, Sit and Go tournaments fill within a minute or two.

A tremendous accomplishment for a US website

Simply told, the traffic at Ignition Poker is unparalleled in the United States. There will never be a lack of available games or competitions.

Dare I argue it is the only US-facing poker room where non-American players have a motive to play?

The Ignition Poker software

If Ignition can cure the odd bugs, this would be one of my top three poker software clients globally.

Anonymous tables, a no-download mobile app, Zone Poker, and aesthetically pleasing? In this manner, they gained my affection.

Significant software revision adds additional features

Ignition Poker has updated its poker client software with the most substantial modifications to date. The most notable changes concern the visuals. The skeuomorphic poker table textures have been eliminated and replaced with a fully flat design with as few lines as possible.

Simply told, the new Ignition Poker software now resembles any other current flat application, which is OK. Without the outdated table and carpet design, it is clean and straightforward.

Ignition Poker has launched mobile play for all multi-table, Sit and Go, and Jackpot Sit and Go tournaments. Previously, you could only play cash games and Zone Poker on your mobile device.

Multiple mobile tables with no-download play

With the latest Ignition Poker software upgrade, it is now possible to play directly from any web browser. It is still possible to download the standalone software for Windows or Mac, but it is not necessary.

This update really has an even greater impact on mobile devices. Previously, Ignition Poker would not let mobile players to play at more than one table. Now, you may play up to four tables.

Ignition Poker needs you to play on your mobile device in landscape mode, which provides a great deal of horizontal space. When you tap the + sign to open a new table, a new bar with little icons representing tables, position, and hands appears on the left. Like on a desktop, you may view the contents of each table in a single window.

The three most crucial elements

Ignition Poker has three significant software features that I’m a huge admirer of, and they are:

  • Unidentified tables
  • A mobile client that supports numerous tables and tournaments
  • Zone Poker through mobile

You may learn more about these specific characteristics in the preceding section.

Native Windows and Mac clients

I love that Ignition Poker has a native Mac download, despite the fact that this is no longer innovative.

In reality, they launched it in 2012, back of most of their U.S. counterparts.

In addition to mobile, one of the major blunders Ignition Poker corrected in the US market was delivering native Mac compatibility when others did not.

There is also a native Windows desktop client that is compatible with Windows 10.

Lobby peculiarities

The lobby is organized into games and restrictions, much like every poker site of the previous decade.

The lobby does feature a few peculiarities that are of little use.

No full tables

Not displaying whole tables is a first for me. There are also no waiting lists, which is likely related to Ignition Poker’s desire to maintain loose games.

How can providing less details aid in keeping games loose? At every other poker site that displays table statistics, skilled players may check out suitable tables and wait for ones with softer flop/average pot numbers.

You must accept what is available here.

There are no hands per hour

Average hands per hour is also not displayed, despite the time that it has always felt swift to me.

Again, I believe that Ignition Poker does not wish to disclose any stats that may discourage players from signing up.

The table encounter

Regarding the actual table experience, I believe Ignition Poker to be quite easy and visually appealing. There are no personalized avatars, as you’re solely identifiable by a number.

The felt and carpet may be altered to half-different colors, and the table design can be altered from racetrack (think classic Full Tilt) to one large section with line dividers.

Each player is afforded 30 seconds for each option, in addition to a time bank, when it’s their turn to act. Considerably too lengthy, in my opinion.

Software modifications for Ignition Poker

A lot of adjustments are available, including a warning when there are only five seconds remaining to act, desired seat arrangement, all-in percentages, hand strength, and folding hand display.

Outstanding qualities

Here, two alternatives stick out that are uncommon at other poker sites.

The rabbit card indicates the following card that would have been dealt if the hand had ended before the river.

The other is the opportunity to reveal only one card following the conclusion of a hand, which I find really amusing.

More software capabilities

Each window’s default size, which is rather low in terms of overall resolution, is resizable.

On a standard 1920 x 1080 display, you may utilize the Tile capability to see many complete tables without difficulty.

The hand history is also shown in an outstanding video-like visual manner.

You may watch hands play move by move, which reveals the actual outcome of the hand. It is ideal for sharing screenshots, as I have done in this section.

Immediate correction of bugs is required.

The only issue I have with the software that lowers its rating is the rare connection error.

Occasionally, when I’m in the middle of a cash game, the window goes unresponsive or I receive a message indicating that the game is “unavailable.”

Similar random lapses have been recorded by more players. For me, stopping and reopening the software was the only solution.

I’d like to believe that this is a result of the server migration from Bovada to Ignition Poker, but we won’t know for sure until more time has passed.

Currently, it is an annoying, if uncommon, quirk. It has not yet interfered with a crucial hand, but if it did, you can bet I would notify their support service and demand compensation.

One of the greatest software summaries

Visually, the Ignition Poker software hasn’t changed much over the past several years, but I’ve always felt extremely comfortable using it.

The graphics are crisp, there are several complex capabilities, and the mobile version functions wonderfully. Anonymous tables are the icing on the cake.

New Function: Rapid Seat

Recent changes made by Ignition Poker should be the final piece of the puzzle in preventing sophisticated table-finding strategies.

Even while bum hunting (following players regarded as weak in prior sessions and sitting at their tables) was thwarted in 2011 by anonymous tables, savvy players may still search the lobby for available tables with superior metrics.

No more, as the software now just permits the selection of game, stakes, and table size. The seating is determined by the software algorithms of Ignition Poker. Even though I’ve always taken advantage of table stats, I’m a fan of this trend, which is gaining traction on the majority of poker sites these days.

The Aim

What Quick Seat prevents is an uneven “distribution of wealth” in which skilled players flock to the looser tables, leaving the tighter ones to languish more. No longer can players seek tables with superior statistics, such as greater flop percentages and average pot sizes.

Theoretically, now that each table contains a random assortment of players, they should all play comparably.

While I was playing at Ignition to get screenshots, I was dealt an unbelievable hand. I only wish I had played at a better level.

Ignition has adopted the popular habit of employing Quick Seat for cash games, therefore preventing skilled players from selecting the looser games in the lobby.

Ignition Client Service

  • Email: poker@ignitioncasino.eu
  • Telephone: 1-855-370-0600

The majority of online gambling companies attempt to avoid providing a telephone number.

Really, they’re simply following the global trend of businesses avoiding consumers with e-mail forms, recorded voices, and FAQ gates that prevent you from sending an e-mail until you’ve searched their poor stock answers.

They have always provided you with their contact information.

Perhaps this is why I’ve always admired Ignition Poker (under their previous identities) for offering their toll-free number at every step. Phone help is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

While the speaker on the other end of the line may have an unmistakably non-American accent, they are often quite helpful and appear to work at the poker room rather than an outsourced contact center.

Secret telephone capabilities

Calling Ignition Poker will access certain services unavailable on the internet, such as deposit instructions for unlisted payment methods.

In addition, I usually advocate trying to negotiate a greater poker site offer than what is stated online.

It won’t always work, but if you’re depositing more than a few hundred dollars, the about 50 percent of the time that it does work is worth the effort.

Live chat and email are excellent.

The addition of live chat is a need for this spoilt, antisocial player.

The email address support is great to very good. I waited 2 hours, 1 hour, and 20 minutes before receiving a satisfactory response to the multiple test questions I submitted.

Is Ignition Poker Rigged?

Although I’ve received a great deal of favorable comments from actual Ignition Casino Poker Room players, I continue to receive a handful of these ridiculous rants.

I decided I would publish everything before receiving the following email.

If you have visited any online poker website in the previous 15 years, you have seen these images before. This is the most well-known:

“Ignition Poker is rigged! The algorithms are skewed to reward poor players in order to maintain the action. ”

What about this option?

“If you cash out from Ignition, you will be struck by the cashout curse! Bad beats and dead cards are in your future.”

This criticism has been leveled against every poker website ever.

Since I’ve been doing this for over a decade, I’ve heard this accusation made against every single online poker site by players who have lately had poor beats.

You could practically copy-paste the complaints and insert the name of a different poker site.

The reputation and duration of a poker site are immaterial, since even PokerStars and 888 Poker, who have been deemed trustworthy enough to operate in US states, are subject to the same vehement accusations.

The issue is that there is insufficient proof.

The reality is that none of the casual accusations that Ignition Poker or any other poker site is rigged are supported by genuine proof.

Just low-stakes players with sob tales about how they lost pocket Aces with 3-2 offsuit due to an idiotic call by an opponent.

The samples you are receiving are of players performing as expected.

I understand the agitation. I totally agree, and I don’t intend to belittle low-stakes players, but you’re referring to one of the loosest online poker sites at levels with few skilled players.

You are aware that poker still involves an element of chance, correct? There wouldn’t be much of a game left if it didn’t, would there?

Personally, I rely on Ignition

The simple answer is no; I have played at the predecessors of Ignition Poker for over a decade and it has never occurred to me that the games would be rigged.

I’ve won a lot of money and cashed out several times.

Nothing leaps out to me among the hundreds of thousands of hands I’ve observed as being distinctively different from what may be found elsewhere.

This is true of any website I suggest, but it is especially true of this one. I would entrust them with my entire bankroll without hesitation.

Do what you feel is correct.

I’m also not attempting to convince angry and suspicious individuals to believe Ignition. What is the point of becoming so upset?

If you’re unhappy and believe that Ignition Poker is rigged, you shouldn’t play there. If you believe that all online poker is rigged, why play at all?

Do what you feel is correct. I have a positive opinion on Ignition Poker, but I won’t dispute with you if you disagree.

The most prevalent Team Rigged cry is, “Poker sites are engineered to reward poor players!”

On the likelihood scale, I would place bespoke algorithms that reward poor players somewhere between “Phil Hellmuth will sing the national anthem at the next WSOP” and “the US government hates online gambling because the software exposes the truth about extraterrestrial abductions.”

And this is from someone who believes that at least fifty percent of The X-Files episodes are totally plausible.

Let’s assume that the ultimate objective of every online poker site is to generate money. I do not believe that to be a stretch.

1. In reality, tilting the game in favor of poor players does not increase the money of poker sites.

It would be a move with negative expected value.

Why? Consider the psychological makeup of the various types of players. Those who rely on sucking out are more likely to be short-term players than those who make better judgments.

Actually, recreational players are not more profitable.

A player who is only interested in gambling and playing for fun is unlikely to remain in the game.

Even if Ignition Poker cheats and allows recs to win more than they should, they will eventually lose because in the long run, talent trumps luck in poker.

When a recreational player loses, he is considerably less likely to re-deposit than a grinder who makes sound judgments and is aware of his skill advantage.

In general, recreational players are less profitable for online poker sites like Ignition Poker, thus they would like to retain excellent players over bad ones from a financial standpoint.

2. Ignition Poker generates money regardless of who wins the pots.

Every poker establishment, including Bellagio and Ignition Poker, generates money through rake.

A modest percentage of every pot that reaches the flop is retained by the poker room. This is their lineage.

As long as they continue to deal fair games, they make money by the fistful.

It does not matter to them who wins the pot, and if they did have a preference, it would be for the long-term players to win as they give the most rake over time.

3. Even in earlier cheating incidents, it was a person rather than a basic algorithmic scheme.

The most revolting cheating incident in the history of online poker was the 2008 UB/AP “super user” swindle, in which an executive insider hacked the software to examine other players’ hole cards.

Even so, he was captured.

Can you image a site that has been in operation for more than a decade (as Ignition Poker has, dating back to the Bodog days) hiding it for so long, when even a single thief couldn’t get away with it?

4. The poker community follows games relentlessly.

As much as I enjoy analyzing my individual statistics, the poker community as a whole (think 2+2) takes it to a whole other level when comparing figures.

They’re the ones who broke the AP/UB story. They observed the irregularities.

As odd as it may sound to put faith in a faceless online community, I truly believe they would never overlook a site-wide fraud since there would be a clear analytics trail.

If they were able to uncover a fraud more than a decade ago, I have faith in their ability to do so with the top US poker site today.

Ignition Casino being rigged makes no sense whatsoever.

I feel that the likelihood of Ignition Poker being rigged is almost nil, simply because it makes no sense.

You are observing a very tiny sample size at Ignition Poker, which offers some of the loosest online poker tables.

Bad luck actually indicates that you’re making the correct selections.

At Ignition Poker, you’ll encounter more poor beats, but that’s exactly what you want: more players taking ill-advised chances on you.

If you’re witnessing a lot of terrible beats after the money has been put in, it implies you’re making the proper judgments.

In the long run, everything will even out, and you will be extremely appreciative of those players who took a risk on you.

Here’s one I’ve gotten recently: “Ignition Casino is rigged!” They want you to lose to increase their profits from deposit fees! ”

The problem with this ludicrous claim is that neither Ignition Poker nor any other poker site I’ve ever encountered generates money on “deposit fees.”

The vast majority of their deposit options (both announced and unadvertised) are free, so how are they generating money on deposit fees?

Bitcoin is free, hence it should be the currency of choice.

Regarding the 5.9 percent fee occasionally observed

I’m aware that many people still use credit cards, and I’ve seen the option for a 5.9 percent fee at the Ignition Poker cashier.

It has always been disabled for me, so perhaps they waive it if you haven’t made a deposit in a long.

I can nearly assure that the entire 5.9 percent fee (and maybe more) goes to payment processors.

Ignition loses money due to astronomical payment processing fees.

All retailers must pay credit card transaction fees. Offering payment processing for US-facing online poker sites? Ignition Poker absorbs the vast majority of the costs charged by payment processors.

However, they attempt to recover a portion of this through the 5.9 percent charge.

What you receive in exchange is an almost assured deposit. It would be nice if they never charged anyone for it, but I do not believe it to be egregiously wrong. My personal view.

Moreover, I bet that Ignition Poker would pay you for the fees if you asked nicely and added a cherry on top.

If you send a cashier’s check or money order to the poker site, you will not incur any fees.

Transfers of cash? They will credit you for the costs if you deposit a sufficient money, which puts them in the red because the fees are collected by the cash transfer providers.

Ignition Poker encourages players to make deposits, but not to deposit deposit fees.

Ignition Poker does not generate a money from deposits. Because they generate their money via rake and tournament fees, they obviously want players to deposit and play.

If the argument is that they want players to lose so that they would deposit more money, then what about the winners? Someone must be winning the hands that result in your terrible beats.

No longer must they make a deposit. If you must make a deposit and they do not, isn’t the situation balanced?

Sure, the players here are inferior, but I’ll take them any day.

If you do not trust Ignition Poker, you should cease playing there immediately. Because the players are weaker, you will experience a greater number of poor beats.

I’ll take that over the petty bickering at PokerStars any day. Simply said, the odds of poker dictate that if you bet while you’re the favorite, you’ll be alright in the long run.

The fluctuation is larger, and some players may not be able to manage it.

There will undoubtedly be frustrating periods. Perhaps this causes you to leave the game or website entirely.

However, simple math indicates that you will be a long-term winner if you’re simply being swindled once the money has been invested.

It is reasonable that not everyone has the patience or funds to deal with it.

One of my favorites: “This never happens in real games!””

One of my favorite reasons for Ignition Poker being rigged, which you hear for every other online poker club, is that this type of play would never occur in live games. Online poker sites must use bots or faulty random number generators.

You must limit your live poker play

My initial assumption is that you do not play much (or any) live poker.

During the late 2000s and early 2010s, when online games became significantly more difficult, I get the impression that live poker and online poker essentially exchanged player bases.

In contrast to when online poker was characterized by 40 to 50 percent flop percentages and manic play, such games are now exclusive to land-based cardrooms.

Many casual poker players are intimidated by the online process and prefer to play in real-life poker rooms with chips and cards.

Contrary to the days of a vocal minority, live games are currently your best bet against truly terrible players.

The dispute began with a $10 Ignition tournament.

Recently, an Ignition Poker player complained to me about a hand in which a player went all in pre-flop with 5-3 and cracked his pocket Jacks after spiking two pair.

According to him, such an occurrence would never occur in a live game, proving that the Ignition games are fixed!

The highlight? This event cost $10 to enter. No one would ever play recklessly in a $10 event.

What you will truly witness in live games

Do you want to know a recent $300 live game hand that I played?

I had 10-10 in my pocket and re-raised a weak player in early position pre-flop to see a flop of 9-2-4. He check-called my large bet on the flip, then moved all-in with his remaining chips when the turn card was a six.

I contacted him, and he responded 9-6.

When the board paired another 2, the river rescued me. The man had the audacity to be angry, cuss, and leave the table.

No, this type of thing only occurs with online RNGs that have been manipulated.

I have faith in a friend who has played much more live poker than I have.

A close buddy of mine has actually been playing poker for almost six decades. Despite my attempts to get him back, he no longer plays online.

He also seldom participates in $5/10 games.

The terrible beat stories he tells me about live games for thousands of dollars would make the ones I’ve heard about Ignition Poker curl into a ball.

The bottom line on poor performance

If you truly wish to make a comparison between these games and live ones, you should thank your lucky stars that there are not more terrible beats.

Alternatively, if you see things from a lucrative perspective, you should desire that all online games were identical to live ones.

Ignition Poker Origins

Click, or tap on your smartphone or tablet, for the whole infographic about history.


Cyberoad, one of the earliest online sportsbooks, is established with its company.


Cyberoad acquires the eBanx payment processing system.

Strong evidence suggested that this was a sham transaction and that Cyberoad was already the legitimate owner. Calvin Ayre was the connection between the two entities.


Cyberoad fails and is acquired by El Moro Fiance Ltd.


Players from one of Cyberoad’s former sportsbooks get an email from the new sportsbook called Bodog. It assured them that their login credentials will work on the new site.

Later on, it was revealed that Calvin Ayre was, in fact, the man behind El Moro Finance, i.e., the one who acquired Cyberoad after he failed to obtain the company’s cash.


Bodog Poker debuted. David Williams and Josh Arieh were hired to represent the site as professional players.


As a result of a patent infringement case, Bodog is in major legal danger. The domain name bodog.com goes down.


Calvin Ayre announces his resignation from the company.


After suffering significant financial and other losses, Bodog reaches a settlement with 1st Technology LLC for $49 million, regaining ownership of the bodog.com domain.


Bovada.lv is introduced as the version of Bodog that continues to serve US consumers. Although Bovada and Bodog are essentially the same company, Bovada is not owned by Bodog and the two are not formally affiliated.

Morris Mohawk Gaming Group founded Bovada when Bodog withdrew from the US market. Bovada is owned by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group.


Ignition Casino acquires Bovada’s poker player pool. Lynton Limited is the company designated as the owner of Ignition.

The lack of public information regarding Lynton, the peculiar timing of the sale in the midst of exceptional development, and the similar software client, cashier, affiliate program, and frontend website strongly imply that Lynton Limited is owned by the same entity as Bovada.

Success at Ignition Zone Poker

If you’re anything like me, you’ll likely play Zone Poker frequently in the future after trying it for the first time. It is quick, entertaining, and cognitively demanding, unlike any other poker game.

Ignition Poker’s quick-fold feature is the only one available to US players, so it’s important to understand how it varies from standard cash games.

Zone is tighter

The first thing you may notice is that the games are far more responsive.

My analysis indicates that Zone Poker games have a 10 to 15 percent lower flop percentage than their conventional cash game equivalents, which are already among the loosest available.

The fundamental explanation for Zone Poker’s tighter games is that there is virtually no psychological motivation to play hands you shouldn’t.

There is always a hand just one second away, thus the boredom that often motivates lesser players to play a lousy hand is absent.

Blind theft is prevalent.

Second, you’ll observe that blind theft attempts occur often.

This is due to the fact that Zone Poker only offers 6-player tables and the majority of late-position players fold pre-flop.

You cannot recognize player tendencies.

Thirdly, even though every Ignition Poker table currently provides players with anonymity by identifying them simply by number, you may still take notes on a player during the same session.

Most opponents in a regular cash game will notice if player 3 attempts to steal the blinds every single time he is on the button. In Zone Poker, the entire table rotates after each hand, therefore this is not applicable.

Make these alterations to win more often:

These characteristics dictate the three most important modifications you must make to win your winnings at Zone Poker.

1. Frequently steal the blinds, but do it carefully.

From the button or one off the button, there will be several possibilities for blind snatching in Zone. Attempt it frequently, since its success time is significantly higher than in normal cash games.

Save some money by placing a lesser bet of 2.5 to 3 times the large blind.

Someone in the blinds will back respond with a reraise. Your ego may drive you to punish them for a hypothetical re-steal, but if you have a bad hand and were attempting to steal yourself, fold immediately.

2. Oftentimes, advanced strategy is unhelpful.

In a standard cash game, you could slowplay pocket Aces pre-flop if there are two or more loose cannons constantly raising to your left.

You may play further hands against a player who is tilting.

All of this information is unavailable in Zone Poker, so making things too complicated will only cost you in value bets. Zone players often play a basic game.

3. You need not create large bluffs.

Just bet for value. Even though you rarely use them, big bluffs are a component of your strategy for cash games. They are intended to be.

You will be able to pull them off if you have a really accurate read on your opponent.

In Zone Poker, you have no readings and another hand is always just a second away. Simply bet your strong hands for value or make little attempts at uncontested pots.

There are enough bad players that allowing them to make their own errors can provide enormous profits.

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