Juicy Stakes

The good and the bad

  • Players are eligible for free check withdrawals, and the games are often on the more relaxed side.
  • Players have the option to seek a rakeback of 36%
  • Transactions using bitcoins are not currently being accepted
  • The maximum amount that may be withdrawn is $1,000.
  • The quality of the software is below par.


At one point in time, Juicy Stakes was considered a rogue site. The site administration did not care that the players were not getting paid, so they continued to not pay them. Back in those days, it was connected with the Cake Poker brand. Intertops came to the rescue of the Juicy Stakes players and approached each of them individually with a proposal to pay everyone. Since that site, Juicy Stakes Poker has been a reliable online poker destination. The only thing that makes us uneasy about it is that the maximum weekly deposit limit is merely $1,000.

An Overview of the High-Risk Poker Game

2011 was the year that saw the birth of Juicy Stakes. It had something to do with Cake Poker, which became known as Wincake later on. Intertops was forced to step in and save Juicy Stakes when the latter failed to pay its players. Since then, it’s grown into a reputable online poker site.

The Horizon Poker Network include Juicy Stakes Poker among its roster of participating sites. The software is comprised of a number of outdated Cake Poker skins, one of which being Intertops. The software is by far and away the most problematic aspect of Juicy Stakes. It’s up there with some of the worst online poker games. The fact that Juicy Stakes Poker does not support Bitcoin is just one of the site’s many flaws. Because of this, making deposits and withdrawals might be challenging. One of the advantages is that a player who rakes in $40 over the course of a month is eligible for a free check withdrawal. The maximum amount that may be withdrawn is $1,000. That is the lowest possible bet in the world of online poker.

Opinions I Have Regarding the Juicy Stakes

What appeals to us most about Juicy Stakes Poker is?

The situation at Juicy Stakes has improved to the point that it can now be considered a viable business. For years, players were left wondering whether or not their cashout requests would ever be fulfilled. It appeared as though the site may be taken down at any moment. Players at Juicy Stakes Poker were saved by Zagox Management’s intervention. In my opinion, a business that comes to the aid of players ought to be supported and encouraged. Players interested in No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and Pot Limit Omaha High/Low will discover sufficient action to play at many tables. The same approach is used for both the bonus program and the loyalty program. This is not typical of today’s online poker rooms, but it does allow tight players to clear the bonus more quickly than they would on other sites. By raking in $40 each month, players are eligible to get a complimentary check.

The aspects of Juicy Stakes Poker that we find unappealing

The software that is used at Juicy Stakes Poker is not up to par with other casinos’ offerings. There have been reports of problems with the software not working properly on some systems, particularly when playing many tables at once. In addition, there is an absence of games including Omaha and Fixed Limit Hold’em. The game Stud has never been adapted for use with this software. Players that are interested in participating in these games will have to use a different online poker facility. At this time, Juicy Stakes does not accept Bitcoin payments. The most amount that may be withdrawn is simply $1,000.

What Some of the Players Have to Say About the High Stakes?

The poker site known as Juicy Stakes is not one that generates a lot of conversation that is pertinent. The majority of the discussions that players can discover in poker forums are dedicated to discussing historical problems that occurred under the previous administration.

Transactions for Deposits and Withdrawals at Juicy Stakes




The use of Bitcoin for either deposits or withdrawals is not supported by Juicy Stakes Poker. This may discourage serious players from participating. There are still various ways, both on and off the site, to bring in financial gain.

Making a Deposit

US players have the option of using deposit methods like as Visa and Western Union when playing at Juicy Stakes. Since the acceptance rate for Visa cards is minimal, the majority of US players will need to make their deposits using Western Union. Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Click2Pay, and Instadebit are the accepted deposit methods for players located outside of the United States.

Making a Withdrawal

Players from the United States are able to withdraw out via a mailed check if they choose to do so at Juicy Stakes Poker. There is a charge of $50 when using checks. The most amount that may be cashed out in a single transaction is $1,000. It’s possible that players who rake $40 in a single month will be given a free check.

Players located outside of the United States have the option to withdraw via Neteller and Skrill. Withdrawals are processed in around a week’s time for players in the United States. The processing time for cashouts initiated from locations other than the United States is around two days.

Notable Payment Processors

  • MasterCard
  • Transferring Money
  • Visa
  • Neteller
  • Skrill


  • Bitcoin
  • Check
  • Debit Cards
  • Transferring Money
  • Transfer Via Wire
  • Neteller
  • Skrill


Taking Care of the Risky Bets

The poker room at Juicy Stakes struggled with cashouts for a number of years in the early 2010s, making for a troubled past at the site. Since then, Zagox Management has acquired ownership of the brand, and its operations appear to have reached a state of stability in recent years. The extremely reputable Intertops is now the owner of the Horizon Network, which is home to Juicy Stakes and a number of other online gambling sites.

We are more positive about Juicy Stakes than at practically any other point in their history, and as a result, the future of Juicy Stakes appears to be pretty secure right now.

Is it Safe to Play at Juicy Stakes?

Intriguing Stakes Poker is a real game, but given its checkered background, you need to be sure you are aware of the possible dangers associated with playing in a poker site that has had problems with cashouts in the past. The amount of poker traffic offers us some cause for concern over the future of the poker room.

Bonuses for Playing Poker at Juicy Stakes

The welcome bonus for making your first deposit at Juicy Stakes might be worth up to $1,000. When making a deposit to receive the bonus, players should bear in mind that there is a $1,000 cap on the amount that may be withdrawn.

Bonus on Deposit for Juicy Stakes

New players who register an account at Juicy Stakes are eligible for a welcome bonus that is equal to 200 percent of their initial deposit, up to a maximum of $1,000. Clearing the bonus requires a total of 16.67 FPPs for each dollar in bonus money. One Frequent Player Point is awarded for each dollar in rake that is removed from the table. Because a player is not obliged to contribute to the pot in order to clear the bonus or collect FPPs when the dealt method is employed, players are able to more easily earn such rewards. The bonus is paid out in $5 increments over the course of the first 90 days, and thereafter it is forfeited.

VIP Program: Different Tiers of Loyalty

Loyalty Levels is the name of the VIP program that can be found at Juicy Stakes Poker. Within the Loyalty Levels program, there are a total of fifty different stages. Players earn gold chips for reaching the first ten levels of the tournament. Players receive benefits as they reach the intermediate tiers. Players that reach the higher ranks are rewarded with cold hard cash. Players that are ranked in the first ten tiers will never experience a level penalty due to inactivity. In order to keep their tier, players with a level higher than 10 need to earn 200 FPPs every three months. Players who are unable to keep their status at the tier will be demoted to Level 10. Players also have the option of contacting support in order to earn a rakeback discount of 36%.

Golden Nuggets

One Gold Chip is rewarded for every one hundred Frequent Player Points that are earned. Your entry into the event may be purchased with your Gold Chips. A few of these tournaments are sit and gos, and the winner of them receives an increased amount of gold chips. Other Gold Chip events include qualifying rounds for larger multi-table tournaments with guaranteed prizes, including as the $110,000 bounty tournament that takes place every Sunday.

A Variety of Games with High-Risk Bets in Poker

The range of poker games available at Juicy Stakes is somewhat restricted. The majority of the action is taking place in no-limit Texas hold ’em games. The majority of these games start at $.01/$.02 and go all the way up to $.50/$1. There are a select few no-limit games that go up to $2/$4 in stakes. Even though there are no limit tables available up to $10/$20, there is almost never any action at such stakes.

Regular action is available in Pot Limit Omaha at stakes as high as $.25/$50. Above $.50/$1, the action is no longer profitable. You may usually find Pot Limit Omaha games with stakes of up to $.25/$50. There are not many Limit Hold’em or Omaha High/Low games available at Juicy Stakes Poker. On the Horizon Poker Network, the game of Stud is not offered.

Sit-and-go tournament buy-ins typically start at $15 and can go much higher. The vast majority of sit and go tournaments are games of No Limit Texas Hold’em, although there are also some games of Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha High/Low.

Multi-table tournaments with buy-ins of more above $16 are not available to play in at Juicy Stakes. The greatest prize pool that is certain to be won is $1,000.

Is It True That There Has Never Been a Scandal Involving Juicy Stakes?

The former ownership of Juicy Stakes was involved in a string of embarrassing incidents. The players were not paid in a timely way as promised. After that, the network invited Lock Poker, which made the predicament much more difficult. The history of the site is irrelevant now that Intertops has acquired Juicy Stakes because it was turned around after the acquisition. Since Intertops became engaged, Juicy Stakes Poker has run well without any issues.

FAQ Regarding the Risky Bets

Is Juicy Stakes the New Name for Win Cake?

No. Win Cake is not a successful online poker site. The Win Cake player balances were going to be honored by Juicy Stakes as part of a free bankroll arrangement that also featured a 55 percent rakeback percentage. In order for players to convert their Win Cake balance into cash, at least 80 percent of it must first be cleared through rake. This is a significant improvement over the alternative, which consisted of Win Cake not paying, Players based outside of the UK are the sole participants in the Juicy Stakes agreement. There is no evidence that the UK Gambling Commission has ever issued a license to Juicy Stakes Poker. Those players were transferred to Euro Club Poker, which was regulated in the United Kingdom by the same license number as Win Cake. In addition, Euro Club Poker is having issues with paying its players.

What does the initial deposit bonus at Juicy Stakes entail?

All new players are eligible to get a first deposit bonus of 200 percent, up to a maximum of $1,000.

What are the requirements for receiving the Juicy Stakes deposit bonus?

Players receive a bonus payment of $5 for every 83.33 points that they achieve. The bonus will become invalid in three months’ time.

At Juicy Stakes, how do I go about earning points?

Players receive one point for every $1 in rake that is taken out of the pot during a cash game and three points for every $1 in rake that is paid during a tournament.

Does Juicy Stakes allow players from the United States to sign up?

Yes. Juicy Stakes welcomes players from the United States.

Which type of rake distribution—dealt or contributed—does Juicy Stakes use?

The dealt rake technique is utilized when playing Juicy Stakes Poker.

Who is the owner of the Juicy Stakes?

Zagox Management, which is effectively the same thing as Intertops, is the owner of Juicy Stakes.

Where can I get more information about the Juicy Stakes Poker network?

Horizon Poker is hosting the Juicy Stakes tournament.

Where can we find out more about Revolution Gaming?

The failure of Wincake resulted in the rebranding of Revolution Gaming to Horizon Poker.

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