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Do you ever have the impression that you’re just going through the motions in the realm of online poker? Getting associated with players and games that you would do better to avoid, both individually and collectively. It’s possible that now is the right time to give Tiger Gaming a try. In point of fact, this is the case. Join us as we discuss TigerGaming Poker and determine whether or not this is a poker site that you should play at. We will cover all you need to know, so make sure you’re paying attention.

About Tiger Gaming Poker

Establishment in 1999 TigerGaming Poker has been around for a surprisingly long time, which means that it meets all of the standards you’d expect in an online poker site. These standards include options for making deposits and withdrawals that are both quick and secure, as well as software that is stable and free of bugs. It is not as well known in the mainstream poker world as some of the larger poker sites, but this carries with it some great advantages, including, without a doubt, some more player-friendly tables. This is not a site for grinders to congregate. The fish swim here since it is a good place to do so.

The Chico Poker Network is the platform upon which Tiger Gaming operates. Although relatively modest, this network is rapidly developing and adding new features on a consistent basis. It provides a poker client that is surprisingly feature-rich, with games such as No-Limit Hold ’em and Pot-Limit Omaha, in addition to games that are more uncommon, such as Big2 Poker and Chinese Poker. It is quite unusual for an online poker site to include Chinese Poker as an option. (*Take note that Big2 and Chinese Poker are only accessible through the older version of the Tiger Gaming software.)

Additionally, there are some very lucrative promotions available on the site, such as well-known leaderboard competitions. In contrast to its rivals, Tiger Gaming offers its players the opportunity to play for a predetermined prize pool rather than a percentage of a prize pool that is determined by the amount of game play or the number of participants.

As is the case with the vast majority of international poker sites, Tiger Gaming is not yet accessible to players in the United States; however, once online poker regulation is reinstated in the country, you can anticipate that it will be granted a license.

As was previously noted, the software offered by Tiger Gaming is reliable and effective; nevertheless, it is not likely to win any prizes either. Tiger Gaming’s software isn’t the best, but the loose tables, interesting games, and generous promotions more than make up for it. Cash games are available at Tiger Gaming Poker in the following formats: No Limit Hold’em, Limit Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Lo, with stakes ranging from 1 cent to 10 dollars. You would be better off going elsewhere if you are interested in things with a significant degree of risk involved. However, rather than being a weakness, this is an advantage for Tiger Gaming Poker.

Tiger Gaming Poker Bonus

You do not need to make the maximum deposit in order to take advantage of the Tiger Gaming poker bonus, which may be worth up to $2,500 and is offered at a rate of 100 percent. In point of fact, the contrary is true; provided that you make a deposit of at least fifty dollars, you will be eligible for the full one hundred percent match.

You will have to play in some effort before you can get your bonus. Players that participate in real-money poker games and tournaments get 1 dollar for every 14 VIP points that they accumulate.

Simply acquire the required amount of VIP points for your bonus, and the cash will be sent into your online account automatically.

TigerGaming Bonus Codes

Although there are now no no-deposit bonuses available via Tiger Gaming Poker, this time is subject to change at any time. There is no need to use a bonus code in order to have access to our $1,000 match bonus. Simply make use of one of the download links provided in our reviews to obtain the Tiger Gaming software, and you will immediately become eligible to play for the whole $1,000 bonus.

Free tournament for first depositors at TigerGaming worth $10,000

The $10,000 New Player Freeroll is open to all new players who make their first deposit at TigerGaming. As soon as you do so, you will be entered into the tournament instantly.

The freeroll takes place at 17:00 Eastern Time (ET) on the second Sunday of every single month. Simply buy your information into the poker software and you’ll be good to go! Regular players at Tiger Gaming Poker may take advantage of the following ongoing promotions:

  • A weekly cash competition with a prize pool of $10,000
  • A Multi-Table Leaderboard Competition with a Prize Pool of $5,000
  • $5,000 Sit ‘N Go Weekly Leaderboard Challenge
  • $7,500 Winners Series

When you play cash games, you’ll receive one VIP point for every penny you contribute to the rake. You will receive one hundred points for every one dollar that you spend in costs related to tournaments.

Additional Promotions and Customer Loyalty Programs

The VIP point system is utilized by Tiger Gaming, and as you accumulate points, you will have the opportunity to redeem them for a wide selection of prizes. Tiger Gaming, in contrast to several other online gambling sites, does not yet provide any benefits for reaching particular degrees of prestige.

Comp points may be used to buy in to a number of special tournaments; simply check the lobby to see whether points are accepted for the tourney you want to play and then click on register.

Withdrawals within 24 hours, otherwise your cashout will be doubled!

You probably remember the old pizza delivery promotion that said “30 minutes or it’s free,” right? However, Tiger Gaming provides the next, most improved option. Withdrawals guaranteed to be processed within 24 hours, or your cashout will be increased by 100%.

It is, despite the fact that it looks almost too wonderful to be true. Tiger Gaming takes such immense satisfaction in the fact that it is able to provide the quickest payments in the business that it is prepared to pay you twice as much if they fail to do so. Their statements:

“We promise that if we do not pay you within twenty-four hours, we will give you one hundred percent of the cashout amount that you asked! You are now able to withdraw deposits and withdrawals at any time you want, and you can be certain that your cashouts will be processed in record time. However, don’t just take our word for it; try it for yourself the next time you withdraw, and put us to the test!

In addition to this, if you spread the word about it on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, participate in online communities, or get your friends to sign up, you’ll be entered into a free $10,000 guaranteed prize pool tournament.

Tournaments, both Paid and Free

The tournament schedule for Tiger Gaming features a significant number of Sit & Go competitions. On this site, a fresh Sit & Go tournament will play virtually every minute, ensuring that you will never be bored or without something to do. In addition, Tiger hosts a number of different freerolls, one of which being a very sizable monthly event for first-time deposits that is worth $10,000.

Larger tournaments are a little more difficult to locate, and if you adore competing in large Sunday events, you might want to consider going somewhere else. Despite this, there will be a total prize pool of $130,000 for all of the weekend’s tournaments combined.

On Tiger Gaming, the majority of event prize pools have a maximum value of between $10,000 and $20,000 GTD; however, the $150K Guaranteed tournament takes place on the last Sunday of each month and has a buy-in of $150 plus $15.

However, satellites for it may be purchased for as little as $13.50 and run once every four hours. You may also start with only $1.34 and work your way up through the satellite levels.

Tiger Gaming $50,000 Windfall SnGs – Big Money, Fast

Tiger Gaming Poker’s take on the wildly popular Hyper-Turbo jackpot SnGs is called the Windfall SnG, and they may be played in the Cash Games lobby. They have modest beginning stacks and extremely rapid blind stages, and are known for being extremely quick and exciting.

The buy-ins range from $3 to $7, $15 to $30, and the prize pools can reach up to $50,000. The prize pool multipliers range from two to two thousand times your initial investment. Within the game client, navigate to the Windfall page to see the Sit ‘n Go tournaments associated with Windfall.

Tiger Gaming Boost Poker

Tiger Gaming’s version of the popular fast-fold poker variants Zoom Poker and Rush Poker is called Boost Poker. As soon as you decide to fold your hand, you will be sent to a new table where you will play a fresh new hand against a new set of players.

This means that the action will never stop for you, with many more hands being dealt every hour, and you will no longer have to wait around for bad hands or players that move too slowly. The cash game and tournament formats of Boost Poker are both available to players.

Massive Bad Beat Jackpots Available at Tiger Gaming!

Many novice players are drawn to Tiger Gaming because of its enormous and uncapped Bad Beat Jackpot, which is one of the things that attracts them to the site the most.

How does it work?

Find the poker tables that have a “J” marked on them. These are the participating tables in the progressive jackpot tournament, and the players at each table contribute a tiny amount of their winnings from each pot to the overall total.

At these tables, ten cents will be added to the progressive jackpot for every four dollars that are currently in the pot.

A player must lose a hand that has four of a type of Jacks or higher in order to qualify for the jackpot. If anything like that happens, which is extremely unlikely, but if it does, everyone at the table is going to get paid.

The player who finishes in last place wins 35% of the jackpot regardless of whether they won or lost the hand. The player who wins the hand receives 17.5 percent of the pot, while the remaining players at the table each receive 17.5 percent of the pot as their share.

The remaining thirty percent is put toward the Bad Beat Jackpot, which is always reset to at least one hundred thousand dollars.

Software and Visualization

The software offered by Tiger Gaming isn’t always what draws players to the site. It is functional, however there are moments when it is sluggish and jerky. Aesthetically speaking, it appears to have a lot going on.

Both conventional No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha are included in the recently released Tiger software, which is compatible with both Windows and OSX operating systems.

It’s interesting to see that Tiger Gaming continues to provide support for their legacy software, which includes less common variations like Big2 and Chinese Poker. The software can be outdated and difficult to use, but for certain players, the opportunity to play Chinese Poker makes it worthwhile.

Tiger Gaming Poker Mobile App

Following a lengthy wait, Tiger Gaming Poker is finally accessible on iOS devices, including the iPad and iPhone. You’ll need an iPhone 5 or later and an iPad 3 or later in order to play games on a Mac. You will not be able to download the software, but you will be able to play using the browser of your choice.

You will be able to download the software if your device runs Android OS 6 or a later version.

Lack of Hard Competition

The players that use Tiger Gaming are without a doubt the most important aspect of the site as a whole.

It is a heaven for good poker players, since there are a lot of weak points to take advantage of. Because the vast majority of their visitors come from an online casino called Tiger, we can’t precisely call them sharks.

Even if there is a chance that the software could give you trouble, it will be well worth your time because the games are so enjoyable. It is especially invigorating if you have been attempting to squeak out some insignificant victories on the more popular sites.

You will be limited to playing primarily micro or low-stakes games due to the fact that Tiger Gaming does not run its larger games nearly as frequently as its other games. In most cases, it is well worth the effort.

Tiger Gaming Casino Games

Access to the Tiger Gaming casino is yet another significant benefit that comes with using the Tiger Gaming software. There is a huge variety of games available, ranging from the standard slot machines to video poker, blackjack, roulette, and many more.

The availability of Live casino games, in addition to sportsbooks and racebooks, is a benefit that doubles its value. One, it provides you something entertaining to do on the side while you are playing poker, and two, it gives you the opportunity to meet players who have just struck a huge score at the track or racebook and shift their gains over to the poker tables.

Tiger Gaming FAQs


Yes, Tiger Gaming Poker is a legitimate online poker room. They have a gaming license issued by the government of Curacao, which is held by Thot Management BV, and they only accept the most reputable forms of payment.

Is it possible to play in Tiger Gaming Poker in the United States?

At this time, players from the United States, any of its small outlying islands, and any of its virgin islands are not permitted to join Tiger Gaming.

Is it possible to play in Tiger Gaming Poker in the United Kingdom?

The mobile app may be downloaded, and yes, players are allowed to use Tiger Gaming Poker UK’s online poker platform.

Tiger Gaming Poker: Is It Possible to Play It in Canada?

There is the option to play on Tiger Gaming Poker Canada. In this way, players from Canada will be able to create an account and have access to popular games like as Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, and SNGs.


When you sign up for Tiger Gaming Poker through PokerListings, you are eligible to get a match bonus of up to $2,500 that is equal to 100% of your initial deposit. However, in order to collect it, you will need to play in real money poker games. You will receive $1 for every 14 VIP bonus points that you acquire. The cash will be deposited into your player account without any more steps. In addition, there are short-term tournament promotions, guaranteed prize pools, leaderboards, cash game races, flip Sit-n-Gos, and other types of competitions. You are able to monitor them in the area devoted to promotions.

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