Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports Overall

When you first check out Nitrogen Sports, Casino, and Poker and play a few games there, you might get the impression that good old Bovada has recently undergone a makeover. That is meant in a positive sense, much like putting on a pair of shoes that are really comfy.

Nitrogen Sports’ layout will be instantly recognizable to you if, during the last five years, you’ve spent any time playing at an all-in-one online gambling site like Bovada, BetOnline, or another comparable establishment. What exactly is it about Nitrogen Sports that makes you want to pay attention to them rather than the other guys? There are a few examples of high quality.

To begin, the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin serves as the prime focus of the Nitrogen Sports world. There are no credit cards or dollars to be found anywhere in the area. Every bet is either made in Bitcoin (BTC) or micro Bitcoin (mBTC), depending on the poker being played. I am a Bitcoin evangelist, therefore this excites me much.

When you consider the betting restrictions in terms of dollars, though, things might get a little bit confused for a poker player.

If you’ve ever gambled online before, you’ll find the layout and betting structure of Nitrogen Sports to be instantly recognizable and comfortable.

Even if it appears like a trivial matter, do you have any thing what it is about Nitrogen Sports that I enjoy the most? Accounts with complete and total anonymity. Nitrogen is a decentralized cryptocurrency that operates similarly to Bitcoin. To create an account, you do not need to provide your name or address.

To take things a step further, if you simply want to play for a single session, you don’t even have to provide them your email address to do so. Nitrogen Sports will allow you to bet in total anonymity if that is your preference. In this day and age, with Snowden and the Patriot Act behind us, I had no idea that was still a possibility on the internet.

It hasn’t come to my attention that any of the more prominent online sports betting, casino, or poker sites provide users with the option of anonymous accounts or two-factor authentication. Two of the most compelling arguments for me to play at Nitrogen Sports are outlined above.

In addition, Nitrogen Sports offers an intriguing method known as “Provably Fair,” which is a feature that is absent from more established online casinos. Even though there are just seven casino games available on Nitrogen, each one provides a glimpse into the process that determines the outcomes of every hand, roll of the dice, and spin.

If you are someone who bets on sports, Nitrogen Sports offers an absurd amount of sports on which wagers may be placed. Nitrogen Sports offers betting markets on things such as eSports, cricket, and table tennis in addition to the typical major American sports that can be found at large sportsbooks such as Bovada and BetOnline.

Nitrogen Poker is simple to use, has a pleasing appearance, and offers, table for table, some of the more forgiving poker games that can be found anywhere online. The absence of players and the poker client’s limited traffic are the two main issues with the online gambling establishment.

The fact that Nitrogen Poker can be played on any browser and on any device is a huge plus for me, but the program itself does not play too many complex features. The absence of traffic is the most significant disadvantage, despite the fact that the games are rather relaxed.

Nitrogen Sports has a strong basis as an all-in-one betting company that accepts Bitcoin, but they also need to concentrate on addressing several conspicuous exclusions in their offering.

Nitrogen Sports does not offer a deposit bonus and instead only runs infrequent, unimpressive promos. Online gamblers are accustomed to the competitors trying to attract them with bloated bonus packages, and this is not going to cut it with those players.

However, while being ahead of its time with its implementation of the “Provably Fair” idea, the Nitrogen Sports Casino side is crying out for additional casino games to be introduced. Players at modern online casinos have a plethora of other casino options to choose from.

I appreciate what Nitrogen Sports is offering as a one-stop shop for all of your online gaming needs, and they exclusively accept Bitcoin. Players from the United States of America are welcome to compete for real cash prizes on Nitrogen Sports.

If you have Bitcoin and you want to bet on sports, you probably won’t find a place that will let you do it any faster or more discreetly than Nitrogen Sports. They simply need to add some flesh to the casino and poker room and it will be perfect.

Questions That Are Typically Asked

How long does it take to remove from nitrogen?

When it comes to transferring Bitcoin payouts, Nitrogen Sports is among the most reputable sites. Aside from the time it took for my very first withdrawal, which was several hours, I’ve never had to wait more than thirty to sixty minutes for the Bitcoin to be added to my wallet.

Is Bitcoin a payment option at Nitrogen Sports?

Absolutely. Bitcoin is the one and only thing that may be used for deposits and withdrawals on the Nitrogen exchange.

Is Nitrogen Sports legit?

Nitrogen is an intriguing concept, to say the least. I’ve been a player there for a few years and have sought multiple payouts over that time. Every paycheck has been sent to me extremely promptly, and their customer service has been responsive and helpful anytime I’ve needed it.

Does Nitrogen Sports provide casino or poker games to its customers?

Nitrogen Sports features a poker area in addition to its assortment of casino games. The casino portion is quite underdeveloped at the moment, offering only a handful of games including dice, blackjack, and a video slot machine. The poker area, on the other hand, has all of the available features and functions flawlessly on mobile.

Accounts that are anonymous

One of the most appealing aspects of Nitrogen Sports and Poker, in my opinion, is the fact that users may log in using entirely concealed identities when participating in games.

Over the past several years, the vast majority of gambling websites that operate online have made it increasingly necessary for players to disclose increasingly sensitive personal information. Players typically find that in order to pay out their hard-earned bankrolls, they are required to send in copies of various personal papers.

If you don’t want to, you don’t even have to provide Nitrogen Sports a username or an email address. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Simply keep the session open in your web browser, make your Bitcoin deposit, then play the game and request your cashout without providing them any thing.

Only by using a unique account number will you be able to be identified by Nitrogen Sports.

It is one of the few online gambling sites, but Nitrogen Sports is one of the few that will let you play on an anonymous account without requiring you to provide even a scrap of personal information.

In order to receive help and log back in from a different browser session, you may supply an email address, username, and password, like I did.

You are free to change your username whenever you like. Take note that you are under no obligation to provide the Nitrogen Sports staff with your name or address at any time. In this regard, Nitrogen Sports is analogous to the privacy afforded by Bitcoin itself.

After you have created your Nitrogen Poker account, it is still highly recommended that you set up the following three things: a username, a password, and two-factor authentication along with an email address. You won’t be revealed to anybody, but you’ll have the ability to quickly check in later if you want to make sure you still have access to your bankroll.

Nitrogen Sports is able to give anonymity that larger online gambling sites are not even close to being able to provide. This means that whether you want to play poker, some casino games, or bet on sports in total secrecy, you can do it here.

Nitrogen Sports and Bitcoin: A Better Understanding

Due to the fact that everything at Nitrogen Sports is conducted in Bitcoin, there is never any conversion to USD or any other fiat money that takes place. This is a significant departure from traditional gambling sites like as Bovada, which take Bitcoin payments but subsequently convert those deposits into US Dollars at the rate that is currently in effect.

At Nitrogen Sports, all that is required of you is to provide them with the Bitcoin wallet deposit address that you use, transfer them the cryptocurrency, and then place your wagers with them directly from your wallet.

As someone who has a lot of faith in Bitcoin, it’s quite amazing to constantly be betting with Bitcoin, but it can also become a little bit confused at times. Nitrogen Sports does not provide any kind of ticker that can tell you the current value of one bitcoin in US dollars or how much your bets are in US dollars.

Because of this, I was forced to continuously conduct calculations in my head or use an online BTC converter like Preev in order to determine how much money I was wagering on a game or how much was at risk at a poker table.

It is highly recommended that you keep Preev open at all times so that you can do rapid conversions for Nitrogen Sports bets. It doesn’t take up much room in your bag, and you can easily put in the stakes at the poker table to find out how much money you’re actually playing for.

For instance, putting a bet for.001 Bitcoin does not mean very much to me, therefore I needed to figure out that amount to be around $6.75 based on the current worth of Bitcoin. Perhaps those with more intelligence won’t have any trouble with it. Although I applaud Nitrogen Sports for exclusively accepting Bitcoin as payment, I believe the most of us are still accustomed to thinking about value in terms of dollars.

At Nitrogen Sports, all wagers and poker buy-ins are processed in bitcoin or millibitcoin, therefore if you want to determine how much you are putting at bet in U.S. dollars, you will need to utilize a currency converter.


The additional danger associated with Nitrogen Sports keeping your balance in Bitcoin is that the value of your bankroll is directly correlated to the fluctuation in value of Bitcoin.

Your bankroll at the vast majority of online gaming sites is denominated in US Dollars, insulating it from the value fluctuations that are intrinsic to Bitcoin. You might even employ a tactical waiting strategy to convert your holdings back to Bitcoin until such time as the price of Bitcoin begins to rise.

Since you are always holding Bitcoin when you play at Nitrogen Sports, your fortune is inextricably linked to the performance of the Bitcoin market.


Things get even a little bit more confusing with Nitrogen Poker due to the fact that the base unit is always mBTC, which stands for millibitcoin. A millibitcoin is equal to 1/1000th of a bitcoin.

When the price of Bitcoin is in the four-figure area, as it has been for some time now, a simple mental shortcut is to think of the first digit as the dollar worth of the cryptocurrency. This has been the case for quite some time. If one bitcoin is currently worth $7000, then one millibitcoin is currently worth $7. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I predict the first two digits of Bitcoin’s price will be in the five-figure range when it returns.

At Nitrogen Poker, the buy-in for any event, the tournament guarantee, and the buy-in for any cash table are all denominated in mBTC.

Okay, so mBTC is not overly hard to comprehend; nevertheless, in order to calculate the stakes for each cash game and tournament offered by Nitrogen Poker, you will need to do some more arithmetic.

There is a possibility that tournaments may have a buy-in of 0.1 mBTC, but the guaranteed prize pool will be 50 mBTC. At the cash tables, you may find games ranging from.01/.02 mBTC all the way up to 1/2 mBTC sometimes.

It might not seem like much, but expressed in US dollars, that’s anywhere between $.07 and $.14 and $7 and $14. Because the stakes in Nitrogen Poker are denoted in mBTC, it is simple to forget that you are actually competing for a greater amount than it appears.

The stakes at this Nitrogen Poker table appear to be extremely low—.02/.04 for a buy-in of just four dollars—but in reality, the buy-in is closer to $30, and the blinds are $.15/.30.

Nitrogen Sports Deposits

Nitrogen Sports is a gaming platform that accepts just Bitcoin as a deposit method, hence there are no other options available. It’s either bitcoin or nothing. The best thing is that there is almost little risk of any government agency shutting down Nitrogen Sports because the company does not deal with banks, credit cards, or the issuance of checks.

The interface for making deposits is a little bit different here than it is on standard poker, casino, and sports betting sites.

The larger gaming sites will ask you how much you wish to deposit in US dollars before providing you with a Bitcoin address and a timer to which you may transfer the correct amount. Nitrogen Sports only provides you with a Bitcoin address to which you may send funds. Simply navigate to the top of the page and click on the yellow Bitcoin balance. is a little unusual as they just provide you a Bitcoin address to deposit any amount you want at any moment.

You are able to transfer any amount of Bitcoin to the deposit address provided by Nitrogen Sports, and it will appear on the right-hand side of the screen in a matter of seconds. If you haven’t received at least one Bitcoin confirmation before trying to wager with it on Nitrogen Sports, you won’t be able to.

Because the Bitcoin network is not at all congested these days, this should only take anywhere from ten to sixty minutes to complete. It took around forty-five minutes for Nitrogen Sports to validate my Bitcoin deposit.

As soon as you send bitcoin to your wallet, Nitrogen Sports will update your balance and provide a link to the confirmation status of that bitcoin transaction on the blockchain.

The way that Nitrogen Sports handles Bitcoin deposits is one of the reasons why I prefer doing business with them. They display unconfirmed deposits and link you directly to the blockchain transaction so that you can check on the status of the transaction. Larger sites sometimes allow you to speculate and keep refreshing the page, making you anxious that you may have transferred your Bitcoin to the wrong address.


Considering that Nitrogen Sports is the only online betting site that accepts Bitcoin, I was very curious to find out how the site handled payouts. The cashier itself has a field where you may input the Bitcoin address to which you want your withdrawal sent.

Following the submission of a modest payout request for 13 millibitcoins, Nitrogen informed me that it would be charging a processing charge of.0001 bitcoin.

The withdrawal process at Nitrogen Sports is straightforward, although the company deducted a nominal.0001 BTC charge from my withdrawals because my account was less than six days old.

After having such a pleasant time at Nitrogen, I found myself getting rather annoyed by that, which was completely uncalled for. That.0001 added out to less than seventy cents, which is almost little; yet, the notion that Nitrogen Sports would risk irritating its players for such a tiny sum of money seems shortsighted. They ought to go ahead and consume it in order to maintain positive relations with the players.

It would be a trivial but reasonable request if Nitrogen wanted to charge players the miners fee; however, they just refer to this as a “processing cost.” The larger gaming sites that accept Bitcoin do not charge any fees associated with the payouts. It would be beneficial for Nitrogen Sports to follow in their footsteps.

Nitrogen Sports has a function called transfer that allows users to send Bitcoin directly to anyone else by simply providing their account number. This tool can be considered to be of some utility.

I was informed that Nitrogen Sports only applies the payout fee to accounts that are less than a week old or if you seek more than one withdrawal within a period of six days. Therefore, withdrawals will be delivered for free to accounts that are more than a week old and have only requested them once each week.

One more time, the charge is quite little, but paying it seems pointless.

The real time it took Nitrogen Sports to process payouts was quite good. It took roughly four hours for Bitcoin to be sent to my wallet, which is one of the quickest times I’ve ever received Bitcoin from a gaming website. I’m impressed with withdrawal times that are under 12 hours, and Nitrogen Sports easily passes my test for how long they take.

My Bitcoin payoff was transferred to me within around four hours, which is one of the quickest times I’ve seen from any website. It was sent by Nitrogen Sports.

Nitrogen Sports bonus

The fact that Nitrogen Sports does not currently offer a standard deposit bonus is a major source of frustration for customers.

Despite the fact that I place a far lower value on deposit bonuses than the majority of others do, it appears like Nitrogen Sports is shooting itself in the foot by not offering anything at all to tempt new players to make a deposit. In a market where other companies are slinging about bonus sums with a lot of zeroes in large letters, this one really sticks out.

Nitrogen Sports does not offer a welcome bonus for new players; instead, they have a store called the Nitro Store where players may trade in their rewards points for free bets or cash in the form of mBTC.

The Nitrogen Points system, along with the Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond rewards tiers, are all available through Nitrogen Sports. If you play more frequently during the month, you will earn prizes at a pace that is proportional to the amount of other online gambling reward schemes.

You have the option of redeeming your Nitro Points for free sports bets or for real money in the form of mBTC. You may get your hands on the free bets for a relatively little investment of Nitro. If you play poker and earn Nitro points, you will get access to fairly lucrative private freerolls on a daily and weekly basis.

After playing many games of low-stakes Nitrogen Poker for a couple of hours, I was able to earn close to three Nitro.

Nitrogen Sports should urgently consider introducing a genuine deposit bonus in order to remain competitive with other sites that provide gaming for real money. Despite the fact that the Nitro rewards system serves its purpose adequately,


Bets placed using Bitcoin are the primary activity on Nitrogen Sports, as may be expected. In addition to the classic American sports of football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, they provide a remarkable variety of other leagues and competitions. You may bet a wager on thrilling obscurities like as chess or handball in addition to more popular sports such as rugby and cricket.

The following is a comprehensive list of the sports on which betting is accepted at Nitrogen Sports:

  • eSports
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • Competitions in Eating
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Badminton
  • Boxing
  • Chess
  • Darts
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball

There is not a single athletic event that comes to mind for which Nitrogen Sports does not provide betting options.

The sports betting selection is identical to those of big sports sites such as Bovada, with Nitrogen Sports offering a few other unusual sports in addition to the standard variety.

Here is an example of a custom baseball parlay that I created at Nitrogen Sports and it paid off at a rate of 2.8 to 1. Naturally, the Twins and Rays stepped up their game to destroy my wager by being dominant teams for one day.

At Nitrogen Sports, the smallest possible bet is.0001 Bitcoin. At the time of writing, that is equivalent to around 0.60 US cents.

The user interface for the sports betting platform is straightforward, and you can quickly transition from placing single straight bets to constructing your own parlays in your bet slip. There are a large number of prop bets and live bets on the currently betting matches.

The fact that everything can be viewed by everyone, much like the Bitcoin blockchain itself, is one of my favorite aspects of Nitrogen Sports. Using the bet slip’s unique URL, you are able to communicate with anybody about any of your wagers.

Here is a rundown of how I scored my wagers from a day spent betting on baseball at Nitrogen Sports. Using the URL of your betslip, you are able to communicate with anybody you choose.

Esports Betting

The esports section of Nitrogen Sports consistently ranks among the site’s most visited pages. Nitrogen offers betting options such as money line, point spread, and over/under on esports matches in the majority of the most prominent leagues, including the following:

  • CS:GO
  • Dota 2
  • The video game League of Legends

During the day, before the commencement of the big sporting sports that take place in the evening, many games enjoy betting on esports. Due to the increased difficulty in verifying esports matches, Nitrogen Sports may wait till some time after a match has concluded before assigning a grade to it.

Within the Nitrogen site-wide chat box, players have the ability to make a request for Nitrogen admins to grade a match more quickly.


The Nitrogen Casino area is not very large, as it just provides the following games:

  • Dice
  • Baccarat
  • One Deck Blackjack
  • Two Deck Blackjack
  • Eight Deck Blackjack
  • Poker with Three Cards
  • Knockout Slots

The Nitrogen Casino only contains seven games, all of which have very simple visuals. If they want to truly compete with larger online casinos that provide hundreds of games, they absolutely need to add more to their casino.

The Provably Fair method is without a doubt the most exciting aspect of the casino games. In point of fact, it would appear as though the seven casino games are played only for the purpose of providing a case study of this one-of-a-kind fairness method.

The majority of online casinos use a mechanism that obscures their impartiality. They use a random number generator that the players are never given the opportunity to check. It’s common for online casinos to brag that they’ve been licensed and examined by an offshore government organization, but there’s absolutely nothing that players can do to check whether or not the RNG is actually operating correctly.

Intangible trust is all that we have to rely on when it comes to determining whether or not the online casinos we use to gamble with real money provide fair games and fair spins. However, we would all want to assume that this is the case.

At Nitrogen Sports, this is an example of the provably fair mechanism that is used for the Knockout Slots game. You are presented with a vast quantity of information on the technical aspects of each spin.

At Nitrogen Sports, you may acquire a plethora of technical specifics on the outcomes of any casino game by clicking the “Provably Fair” emblem that is present in each game. It looks like this:

The provably fair method at Nitrogen Sports is one of my favorite features since it enables any player to check game results, which are typically disguised by other, more established online gambling sites.

I am not going to pretend that I am able to grasp those figures, but I do appreciate that Nitrogen has provided the data in case you wanted to take it a step further and demonstrate that you were treated properly. If you have the ability to decipher the coding, they even provide an integrated link to a verification service provided by a third party.

The Blackjack game at the Nitrogen Sports casino is really simplistic, yet it functions adequately and makes use of a method that can be demonstrated to be fair. At first, I had no idea what was going on, but after a few flashes of color, I found out that I had won a few millibitcoins at Knockout Slots. At Bitcoin casinos like Nitrogen Sports, one of the most popular games to play is dice. You have the ability to design your own odds, and the fairness statistics for each roll is displayed on the right side of the screen.


Reviewing the Nitrogen Poker area was the one that I was most interested in doing because I play poker the most of the time. The real-money poker scene that is hospitable to players from the United States has, for the most part, remained the same over the previous several years. Could a new company that solely traded in Bitcoin take on the established leaders?

In a nutshell, Nitrogen Poker exceeded my expectations in things of how much I enjoyed playing there, and the company is making a lot of positive strides. The game of Nitrogen Poker has a lot of untapped potential. They still have more maturing to do before having the kind of influence they are capable of having.

At Nitrogen Poker, enabling “Pro Table Mode” will cause each poker table to open in its own own browser window, which is something I strongly advise you to do.

If you’re using Chrome, you probably won’t get a pop-up message, so if you want to make sure that everything from Nitrogen Sports can open in different windows, you’ll need to click on this button.

When you access the Nitrogen Poker lobby for the first time, you need to be sure that you are aware that everything is shown in mBTC, which is equal to.001 BTC or one thousandth of a Bitcoin. Depending on the current price of Bitcoin, this will typically cost between between $6 and $8.

It is highly recommended that you keep the Preev Bitcoin converter open and put in the mBTC numbers before joining a table in order to obtain a general notion of how much money you will be competing for in US Dollars or Euros.

Bear in mind that Nitrogen Poker only displays money in mBTC even if these games give the impression of being for micro-stakes. For instance, the 1/.2 game is more like $.60/$1.20 when broken down into dollar amounts.

As an illustration, one of the most common cash table limits at Nitrogen Poker is.02/04. Although it just appears to be a few cents, the smallest bet is actually about.27 dollars, and the maximum buy-in is about $30. It’s possible that tournaments will have a buy-in of 1 millibitcoin, but it’s equivalent to about $7.

Nitrogen Poker and HUDs

The use of HUDs is expressly forbidden on Nitrogen Poker, which is something that I fully support. Because the only interface that Nitrogen Poker offers is through a browser, I’m not even sure how a HUD would function there.

Even though players can maintain notes on one other, you are allowed to change both your username and your avatar whenever you choose in order to avoid being identified by the core group of Nitrogen players.

Software Nitrogen Poker may be played totally inside the window of your web browser; a separate download is not available for this game. This is not how any other big poker site operates. This provides benefits as well as drawbacks.

The fact that there is nothing to install and that it may be played on any platform or operating system is the most significant advantage. Nitrogen Poker on mobile works just as well as it does on a desktop.

My experience with Nitrogen Poker’s mobile client is among the most impressive I’ve seen. Every table can be accessed and played on a mobile device, I’ve never seen a bug while doing so, and there is no need to install an app.

In spite of the fact that I was playing at a number of different tables at the same time, Nitrogen Poker never appeared to get cumbersome, freeze up, or make any other errors. When you consider that it operates just within your browser, that is quite an accomplishment.

The visuals are crisp and based on a vector format, which enables you to maximize table windows to full screen without suffering from a degradation in picture quality.

The aesthetics of Nitrogen Poker are appealing to me since the site offers a variety of table themes that maintain their quality even when viewed at greater sizes.

The most significant disadvantage of playing poker on your browser is that you do not have access to any more complex tools. The number of available table alternatives is quite restricted; yet, I enjoyed the vivid and bright table themes.

Aside from customizing your image, Nitrogen Poker only offers a limited selection of table selections due to the absence of a download client.

The fact that Nitrogen Poker cannot bring tables to the forefront of the screen or flash them on your taskbar when it is your turn to act is, however, the most frustrating aspect of the software for me. I didn’t know how much I had grown to rely on it, but it’s something I took for granted after every downloaded poker room I’ve ever played on had it. I was surprised when I realized how much I had come to rely on it.

Due to the fact that everything is handled within the browser, you will need to keep a close check on your Nitrogen Poker tables at all times. If you are using another window to check your email, they will be unable to capture your attention in any manner. Unfortunately, as a result of it, you’ll see a significant number of players randomly sitting out.

The tile option in Nitrogen Poker is rather great, and it can accommodate a number of different tables such that they are all seen. If you’re going to be using many tables at once, you should really consider tiling them.

If you want to view all of your tables on one screen while playing Nitrogen Poker, you may do so by clicking this tile tables button. It is absolutely necessary since there is no way for your browser to bring tables to the head of the queue when it is your turn to act.

The absence of a waiting list tool is just another puzzling omission on Nitrogen Poker’s part. Again, this is just something that I have become accustomed to expecting from every other poker site that has a waiting list. As a result of the fact that Nitrogen Poker seldom has more than 8 to 10 active tables at any given time, each limit will only have one or two tables in play.

If there are none available, your only option is to manually keep checking back to see if any seats have become available.


My primary issue with Nitrogen Poker, which is also a problem for the vast majority of other new online poker sites, is that there is insufficient player volume. Only about one hundred cash players are online at any given time on Nitrogen between the hours of five and ten o’clock Eastern Standard Time.

With the exception of freerolls, real money buy-in tournaments typically include less than fifty players. Nitrogen continues to attract a significantly larger number of players compared to other Bitcoin-only sites, such as SwC Poker.

Aside from its freerolls, the visitation level on Nitrogen Poker is quite minimal. The majority of tournaments don’t draw more than 30 or 40 players, and there are always fewer than 100 players participating in cash games.

At Nitrogen Poker, there aren’t a whole lot of players, but in a sense, that contributes to the overall allure of the game. You’ll frequently see the same players at different tables, giving the impression that you’re participating in a well knit crypto community rather than a nameless, vicious competition.

It’s almost as if all of you are members of the same private poker site together.

The way that Nitrogen Poker manages several tables on mobile is something that truly impresses me. Each table number may be touched, and after they have been brought up, a yellow circle will appear to indicate that it is now your turn to act.

At Nitrogen Poker, despite having a very small number of players, the cash stakes that fill up are rather large. The minimum bet is.01/.02 mBTC, which is equivalent to around $.06/.12 USD. However, the 0.25/0.50 mBTC tables, which cost around $3/6, are usually always at capacity.

There are times when the 1/2 and 2/4 mBTC tables are completely full, which is a higher draw than many of the larger poker sites get.


Due to the limited volume of its users, Nitrogen Sports only hosts around 10–12 daily tournaments, practically all of which provide prize pools that are guaranteed. For instance, there is a daily guarantee of 50 millibitcoin, which is equivalent to almost $350. Regrettably, the buy-in is around 10 percent of the guarantee and is set at 5 mBTC!

A glance at the busiest event day of the week at Nitrogen Poker, with the maximum guarantee being just about $3,000 on average.

Nitrogen hosts a major weekly poker tournament every Sunday with a prize pool of 500 mBTC (about $3,500) and a buy-in of 20 mBTC (approximately $140). The fact that nearly none of the tournaments accept rebuys is something that I really like.

Although there are less than 200 participants in each of Nitrogen Poker’s daily freerolls, the site hosts some of the top freerolls available to players in the United States. If you play even somewhat competently, you’re going to run across scenarios like these at some point.

Nitrogen Poker Freerolls

Even if I don’t spend much time playing in no-restrictions freerolls, I recognize that they serve a function when it comes to familiarizing oneself with the software of a new poker site before beginning to play for real money. Nitrogen Poker is really one of the top freeroll sites that are still available in the United States poker industry. This is because many other poker sites have lowered or abolished their freeroll generosity.

Anyone may participate in their daily freerolls, which take place at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and reward 8 tournament entries for 0.6 mBTC apiece. The fact that nearly no one is familiar with Nitrogen Poker means that each tournament has less than 200 players, which is the greatest part.

If you complete these tasks and earn enough Nitro Points, you’ll be able to unlock entrance into some valuable freerolls.

Even better than that are the freerolls that are available to regular players on Nitrogen Poker. Earning 7.5 Nitro Points every day and per week is the requirement to unlock both the Rookie and All-Star Challenges. Both of these challenges are rather simple to complete. After that, you will be able to play in a daily freeroll for 50 mBTC and a weekly freeroll worth 200 mBTC. Larger players have the opportunity to get access to a weekly freeroll that awards 500 mBTC.

Because each of these limited freerolls seldom has more than fifty players, the value of your admission can range anywhere from five dollars to seventy-five dollars.

Game Looseness

On the Fish Rating scale, Nitrogen Poker’s games are definitely rated higher than average, despite the site’s limited game selection.

In the Nitrogen lobby, rather of displaying the conventional measure of the proportion of players who saw the flop, they display an unconventional number known as the percentage of “flops seen.” On certain tables, this figure can go as high as 80 percent, but it is not a foolproof sign that loose games are being played. The typical size of a pot is seen above, and it is far larger than typical, with a typical range of 20-30x.

Even if there aren’t too many games to choose from, the quality of the players at Nitrogen Poker is clearly on the lower end of the spectrum.

However, through playing in both the cash games and a few tournaments, I was able to have a better understanding of how Nitrogen Poker is played.

The majority of players are acting carefree and sloppy, and there are a lot of mild pre-flop raises that turn into large communal pots. I witnessed a number of outrageous bluffs, as well as the rare cash game lunatic jumping all in on every other hand.

I believe that the microbitcoin stakes help players at Nitrogen Poker forget how much money they are truly playing for. Additionally, it’s possible that a large number of people who wager on sports make their way into the poker sector.

At Nitrogen Poker, I didn’t have any issue catching excessively aggressive players most of the time. An example of a player misjudging the strength of their middle pocket pair while I am setting up a trap with a flipped set is presented below.

To put it another way, Nitrogen Poker games aren’t exactly a difficult nut to crack.

When I did lose at Nitrogen Poker, which wasn’t very frequently, it was nearly always due to a terrible beat rather than because I was outplayed by my opponent.


The mobile version of Nitrogen Sports is one of the more sophisticated implementations of mobile betting that I’ve seen.

Included in this accessibility are the sports, casino, and poker parts of the whole website, which may be accessed using any mobile browser. Because everything can be done through the website, there is no need for a Nitrogen Sports app that users need to download.

Nitrogen Sports mobile is a very lightweight application that gives you access to every sports bet, casino game, and poker table that is available on your browser.

The animations in the casino operate nicely, but the mobile version of Nitrogen Poker is the one that most impresses me. Nitrogen Poker is not like other poker sites like Bovada or BetOnline in that it does not require users to download Android files or create an iOS shortcut. You may access the Nitrogen Poker lobby through the website. From there, you can select a table or tournament to play at, and the software will run automatically in your web browser.

Even while it is simple to show sports betting on a mobile device, the most remarkable achievement that Nitrogen Sports has accomplished is how successfully they have scaled their poker room directly on their website rather than using an app.

Even though I was jumping between four different tables, I didn’t experience any hiccups or delays when playing Nitrogen Poker on my mobile device for many hours. In addition, one of the greatest options that I’ve seen to display many tables is offered by Nitrogen Poker.

You will notice a little number representing each table on the left side of the screen. When the action is on you, the number will become yellow. Simply tapping the number will cause the table to materialize before your very eyes. Nitrogen Poker, although being a very little poker site, has a lot to offer its larger competitors in terms of mobile gaming.

The Nitrogen Sports casino may also be accessed without difficulty on mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, and Android-based gadgets. I didn’t experience any sluggishness or damaged formatting.


In comparison to the larger online betting sites, Nitrogen Sports’s group chat area, which is themed after the 1990s and seems very simple to describe, was one of the details that jumped out to me the most. Every time you load a new page, a chat window in the manner of a “troll box” appears at the top of your window. It brought to mind the fear, uncertainty, and doubt-filled rants that are common in the crypto chat rooms of exchanges like Poloniex.

Nitrogen Sports is one of the few websites that offers a site-wide chat room, and it is located at the very top of every screen that loads when you visit the website. This feature, however, may be somewhat embarrassing at times.

In addition to the grammatically incorrect chats that Nitrogen players have about the pricing of cryptocurrencies and forthcoming sporting sports on which they may place games, there is always a member of the Nitrogen staff there. They may respond to inquiries on the site, verify the status of payments, or work to expedite the scoring of less popular sporting sports.

Even while I still think it would be better if Nitrogen Sports offered a traditional one-on-one live chat for customer support, I must admit that the chat room is an intriguing throwback. You also have the ability to close it at any time, which is a fortunate feature.

The alternative means of support is an in-site email ticket system, and I received a response to my inquiry within approximately a day and a half. Although the representative appeared to be extremely helpful and transparent, this is an issue that needs to be addressed by Nitrogen.

I found the Nitrogen staff responding queries at the in-site support message section were quite detailed and personable with their replies. The amount of time it takes to respond may be reduced, but 12 hours isn’t terrible.

Nitrogen Sports also has a subreddit on Reddit, although the administration there does not monitor this channel as it is not considered an official one. It’s not a good idea to ask queries there if you want Nitrogen to respond to them personally; I wouldn’t advocate doing it.

Authentication with Two Independent Criteria

It is inexcusable that larger online gambling companies do not include the Two-Factor Authentication option that is provided by Nitrogen Sports because the feature is both extremely practical and self-evident. Because this is such a precarious time for information hacking, I utilize the Two-Factor Authentication method on all of the websites that provide it, including Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal.

Even if a user knows the account’s password, Two-Factor Authentication requires them to enter a code that was produced by an app on their mobile device before gaining access to the account.

Nitrogen Sports provides an option for two-factor authentication for your account, which is something that no other online gambling site does. This is despite the fact that it is such a straightforward thing to do.

This code can only be created by your device, which means that even if a hacker gets your password, he or she will not be able to access your account. When it comes to producing your codes, I think the Authy app is superior than Google Authenticator. It has an improved appearance, is compatible with various devices, and can save a copy of all your two-factor QR codes in case you ever need to switch devices.

Gambling websites, which keep your actual money, should of course employ the two-factor authentication method. Nitrogen Sports is, to my great regret, the first online betting site I’ve seen take use of it. Ensure that you turn it on in your Nitrogen Sports account immediately. You will effectively be immune to hacking as a result.

Nitrogen Poker and VPNs

There have been some reports on the Nitrogen Sports sub-Reddit and from other players that payments may not be completed if you are using a virtual private network (VPN). On the other hand, other players have claimed that they always utilize a virtual private network (VPN) and are able to successfully cash out their bitcoin on a regular basis.

I can understand Nitrogen Sports’ reluctance to honor a player’s request for a cashout if the player suddenly makes the request from an IP address that is considerably different from their usual one.

I believe that Nitrogen Sports is less likely to care whose IP address you’re using if you have Two-Factor activated on your account. This is because a third party would not be able to log in to your account if you have Two-Factor enabled. You also won’t likely play into any problems if you’ve always played games using a virtual private network (VPN) and have set your VPN to connect you to the same place each time.

If you are accessing Nitrogen Sports using a virtual private network (VPN), I suggest that you either enable two-factor authentication or, at the very least, maintain the same geographical location setting.

The Final Thoughts on Nitrogen in Sports

In the near future, I don’t see Nitrogen Sports or Poker being able to compete on the same level as the industry leaders, but that’s alright. They provide an anonymous method of gambling online for Bitcoin, a small selection of casino games that have been independently verified as being fair, and an effective poker room that hosts several high-quality cash games.

Because I had such a good time at Nitrogen Sports, I decided to play some Bitcoin for other customers to use when I had finished my assessment of the business. That is a significant praise coming from a seasoned veteran.

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