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The world of online poker can be a very peculiar place at times. Beginning your journey as an online poker player is not difficult at all in many respects. When you do research on online poker, however, you will most likely come across information that is either contradictory or out of date. A significant portion of the information that you will find will, in addition, contain an inherent bias. Our goal is to communicate openly and honestly with you. We don’t forget what it was like to be a beginner, or even an established player who was struggling with a certain facet of online poker.

Because of this, we are pleased to present you with our FAQ, which is one of the most comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions on online poker. Within this FAQ, we attempt to answer the most common questions regarding how to get started in online poker, the always vital questions regarding the safety of online poker, as well as the subtle differences in online poker sites. Finally, have all of your questions addressed on payment processing, which is often regarded as the single most critical aspect, at least for players in the United States.

Have faith that you are obtaining the correct responses to your questions, and if you do happen to have any questions that are not answered by our frequently asked questions, please do not be reluctant to get in touch with us.

A Brief Introduction to Poker as a Way to Get Started

What exactly is the “Black Friday”?

The event known as Black Friday took place on April 15, 2011. It occurs when the United States The Department of Justice has brought charges against many online poker sites, as well as their operators and payment processors. The players’ attention was focused on PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker. Both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker quickly withdrew from the market. Later in 2011, Absolute Poker was unable to succeed. When it became clear that Full Tilt had the financial resources necessary to cover deposits made by players located in the United States, PokerStars stepped in to save customers from losing their cash.

What is the UIGEA?

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is most commonly referred to by its acronym, UIGEA. It was a statute that was enacted in the month of October in 2006. The Safe Port Act included it as an attachment. Processing payments for illegal poker sites became illegal as a result of a legislation change. The statute made it possible for poker and casino games to become subject to regulation in the states of Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Who exactly is this “prop player”?

A prop player is someone that the house pays to assist in starting games. The payment is often composed entirely of rakeback. The only places you’ll often see prop players are at smaller sites.

Can I play poker online on a Mac computer?

The vast majority of online poker rooms are compatible with Macs. Those that do not typically provide a version of poker that does not require downloading Java or software. At an online poker site, players also have the option of using a Windows emulator to execute the PC version of the game.

How does speed poker work?

New to the poker scene is a variation known as “speed poker,” which offers players the opportunity to play up to 300 hands every hour. When a player folds their hand, they are instantly transferred to a new table, and they are dealt in as soon as all of the seats are taken. This is why this procedure is carried out. On speed poker tables, No Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha are the most common game limits.

Is it possible to play poker online on an iPad?

The vast majority of poker sites are compatible with iOS.

Is it possible to play poker online on an Android device?

The vast majority of poker sites available online support Android.

What distinguishes the desktop version of a poker site from its mobile app counterpart?

The vast majority of poker apps for online play only permit players to participate in a single table at a time. Apps for poker sites typically do not have many of the features that are accessible through the computer or Mac version of the site. There are certain sites that solely broadcast sit-and-gos and tournaments on mobile apps. It is not uncommon to discover that the app version of an online poker casino offers only Texas Hold’em as a game option.

What kinds of online poker games are there to choose from?

The game of No Limit Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular variant of poker played online. Other well-liked card games include Seven Card Stud, Omaha, Omaha High/Low, Fixed Limit Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, and Omaha High/Low. Mixed games are available at several poker sites, including 8-game mixes, 10-game mixes, and HORSE mixes. Draw games, including Five Card Draw, Badugi, A-5 Triple Draw, and 2-7 Triple Draw, are also available through both Merge Gaming and PokerStars.

What sets live poker tournaments and online poker games apart from one another?

Online poker regulations are comparable to live poker rules. The fact that online poker is two to three times quicker than live poker is the most notable distinction between the two formats. A number of other benefits of playing poker online include lower table limits, a smaller rake, and the elimination of the need to tip the dealer. When playing poker online, players never have to worry about having to play themselves away from the home of their own homes. Poker sites, as opposed to physical casinos, typically host tournaments that are of a far greater scale.

How do online poker sites generate money?

Poker sites deduct a fee from the total amount won. Depending on the limit, the rake is typically five percent of the total amount up to a specific point. The maximum rake in a larger limit game is normally capped at $3, whereas a micro limit game’s cap is often set at $1. This is a significant improvement over live poker rooms, which often charge a rake of 10 percent of the pot, up to a maximum of $4 or $5. The rake in online poker tournaments is often at around ten percent of the pot. This is far more player-friendly than the 20-30 percent cut that is often taken at live tournaments from the prize pool.

What exactly is a rake?

Rake is how poker rooms generate money. The “rake” in online poker often accounts for just 5% of the pot, while the “rake” in live poker accounts for 10% of the pot on average. The rake for online tournaments is often between 9 and 10 percent of the total prize pool. Live casinos almost always need at least twice as much as that.

What exactly is the rakeback?

Rakeback is a kind of marketing that is utilized by more casual poker sites. It gives players a predetermined proportion of the rake that is returned to them in the form of cash. This money is available for instant withdrawal, or it may be put to a poker bankroll.

In poker, what exactly is a bonus?

The initial deposit of new players is eligible for a bonus at online poker rooms. In most cases, these correspond to a certain proportion of a bonus. Players often do not receive this bonus in the form of cash. To qualify for the bonus, you must first meet the point criteria. In most games, rake is directly proportional to points. The vast majority of incentives become invalid between 30 and 120 days after acceptance and are paid out in predetermined portions. Make sure you read the reviews on the Safest Poker Sites as well as the terms and conditions for the bonus offered by the online poker club in order to fully understand how the bonus may be cleared.

What is meant by the phrase “bad beat jackpot”?

Some of the online poker rooms provide a bad beat jackpot as an incentive for players. The Winning Poker Network is the only online poker network that caters to players in the United States that provides one. To be able to release it, a player needs to lose four of a kind 8’s or greater. To pay for this jackpot, an extra rake will be deducted from the total pot.

What is a poker skin?

The majority of online poker rooms are affiliated with a larger network of gaming sites. Skins are the names given to the individual poker rooms that are part of a network. Every network has its own set of rules about how skins should be used. While some skins come with their own banking and support system, others are merely turnkey sites in which the network is responsible for everything except from marketing. One such site is True Poker, which operates under the umbrella of the Winning Poker Network. Because it does not share its players with any other poker room, PokerStars is not considered a “skin.”

What exactly constitutes a poker network?

A poker network is a collection of “skins” that exchange cash games and tournaments with one another. You may get further information in our reviews of poker networks.

Are the profits from online poker taxable?

The answer to this question is determined by the player’s country of residence. Winnings from recreational gambling are generally tax-free in most countries. The United States of America stands out as an outlier. Players in the United States are required to report any earnings from gambling on their individual tax filings.

Do you also review land-based casinos and online casinos?

Yes, and you can check out our rundown of the most reputable online casinos or our website devoted only to US-friendly gambling sites. In addition, we have a sister site that is completely devoted to online casinos and has the most recent information; you can find it at

Do you review Las Vegas poker rooms?

In fact, our primary content writer calls Las Vegas home and is a regular at a number of the city’s card rooms. On the page devoted to poker rooms in Las Vegas, you’ll discover his complete reviews.

Where can one find the earliest examples of online poker rooms?

The very first online poker rooms were operated out of basements or in tiny Caribbean and Central American countries.

How difficult is it to earn money playing poker online at different rooms?

Making money in online poker requires a combination of skill and chance. Do not anticipate winning every single time. On the other hand, your odds of victory will significantly improve if you devote some time and effort to learning the game and improving your skills at it.

Where can I play poker games online that are the least difficult to make money at?

We believe that Omaha and Stud games are simpler to win at than No Limit Hold’em, despite the fact that No Limit Hold’em is the most common internet of poker game played online. This is owing to the reduced number of people who are considered specialists in these games.

How do I estimate an appropriate bankroll for online poker?

The notion that you should have 100 buy-ins for your poker bankroll is the ideal rule. This indicates that a player in a tournament with a $5 entry fee should have $500. A player in a cash game with limits of $.05/$.10 and a maximum buy-in of $10 is expected to have $1,000 in their stack.

What was the very first poker room to be found online?

Planet Poker was the very first site to provide online poker. It first started operating in 1998 and shut down in 2007.

How prevalent is the game of poker played online these days?

The apex of the online poker industry was reached before the UIGEA of 2011 banned PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Absolute Poker from operating in the United States market. PokerStars remains the most popular option, but there are still hundreds of other poker sites to choose from.

Are other games than poker available on poker sites?

Yes. The majority of online poker sites also provide casino games and some form of sports betting.

Do only Americans play in online poker rooms that welcome players from the United States?

On the majority of poker sites that welcome players from the United States, you’ll also find players from other countries. The poker sites that are regulated in the states of Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey are the only exceptions to this rule.

Is online poker safe?

There are some questionable online poker sites, but the vast majority of them are quite safe. That is why we established this website. Over the years, several online poker sites have collapsed because they did not pay their players.

Lock Poker was a bogus online poker site that continued to solicit deposits from naive players long after it had stopped paying any of its customers. Lock Poker eventually went bankrupt, owing its players a combined total of $15 million.

You are not doomed to experience that in any way. By reading our reviews from beginning to end, you will find out which online poker sites are safe and which are not.

Where can you find sites that are licensed to play poker online?

A gaming commission’s license is required for operation at the majority of online poker sites. There are some that are superior than others. The Isle of Man, Alderney, the United Kingdom, and Gibraltar all have excellent gaming commissions for online casinos. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been in operation since the 1990s but has a reputation for being inconsistent. This is mostly due to the fact that it issued licenses to Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet amid the respective controversies involving players cheating at their reviews. The opinion of Safest Poker Sites is that Curacao and Malta are both examples of gaming commissions that are little more than ISPs and have no authority to enforce the law.

There are various gaming commissions whose jurisdiction is limited only to either the local or the regional level. The Nevada Gaming Control Board, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the ARJEL in France, and the IAGR in Italy are some of the organizations that fall under this category. Only inside the confines of their state or country can these gaming commissions exercise their authority over the gambling industry.

Is it possible to play real money playing poker online in the United States?

There is not a law on the federal level that prohibits playing poker online. There are laws on the books in the states of Louisiana, Utah, and Washington that make it illegal to play in the game. Playing poker online has never resulted in a criminal conviction in any of these states or any other. Ever.

The states of Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey have all enacted legislation that makes playing poker online legal and regulates it. There are sites that have been granted licenses to operate in these states.

Are online poker sites rigged?

Some poker players believe that online poker sites are rigged because they have had a string of unlucky beats. This notion may have arisen as a result of the quicker pace at which online poker is played in comparison to live games. It’s also possible that this is happening because to the smaller limits that are played at online poker sites. As a result, the play is played more loosely than in higher limit live games, in which players chase draws more frequently. Because of this, it could appear as though the cards have been altered in some way to produce more action than is typical. In spite of the greatest efforts of those who claim that poker is rigged to demonstrate otherwise, no site has ever been detected dealing rigged cards. This is the case regardless. To put it another way, online poker is not rigged in any way.

Can I play online poker while connected to a VPN?

Never use a virtual private network (VPN) to play poker online. The fact that the connection is not local to the address or country that you have registered with the poker site is the reason why your account may be subject to review if it is highlighted in this manner. If you are detected playing from a country that is not allowed, you may be required to forfeit any cash you have accumulated.

Are the shuffles random or do they undergo auditing?

A third party does an audit on every piece of genuine poker software to check the programming of the random number generator and make sure it is done correctly.

I play poker online; is it possible to minimize my losses at the site?

Yes. The majority of online poker rooms provide players the player to establish deposit restrictions for a day, week, or month at a time.

On a poker site, do I have the option to opt out?

Yes. The majority of online poker sites will provide you the option to temporarily deactivate your account. This is something that can be done at the cash register. In most games, the number of days required to complete a task is specified by the player.

Where may I get assistance if I feel that I may have a problem with regularly playing in poker games?

Addiction to gambling is a very dangerous problem. It is time to quit playing online poker if you are spending money that you cannot afford to lose and the game is no longer entertaining to you. Get in contact with the Gamblers Anonymous group.

How hazardous are online poker sites in the United States?

When playing in games on offshore poker sites from the United States, there is always a slight risk involved. Always make it a point to read our news updates and reviews before searching for the most reliable poker sites. Poker sites online in states where the game is regulated are just as safe as traditional casinos.

How dangerous are non-U.S. poker sites?

Playing at non-U.S. casinos doesn’t carry much of a risk. Poker sites. The majority of sites are granted licenses by gaming commissions that are also responsible for overseeing casinos.

What does the foreseeable future contain for the legalization of poker in the United States?

Since 2013, there has been no progress in legalizing online poker in the United States, which is a great disappointment. It is quite unlikely that will alter in the relatively near future. It seems quite likely that Pennsylvania will be the next state to pass this legislation.

How can I be sure that my deposit is made in a secure manner?

At most cases, depositing a deposit in an online poker site is completely risk-safe. Consider both the poker room’s standing in the industry and the length of time it takes to withdraw your winnings at the moment. Check for online poker rooms that provide a variety of different payment methods so that, in the event that one of them stops working, you can easily switch to another. The reports and safety rankings pertaining to our payment processing might be helpful when making these judgments.

Why should I put my faith in your ratings and reviews?

Safest Poker Sites is curated by professionals in the online poker industry. They have spent decades watching the business while also playing in online poker games. Our editors have a lengthy and well-respected history of keeping a close eye on the business, which contributes to our good reputation. It is important to note that we are an affiliate site and that poker rooms pay us for players that sign up through our links. Despite this, we make it our job to avoid letting this fact influence any decisions that could have an adverse effect on the people who use our service.

What are some of the most typical behaviors associated with a fraudulent or defunct site?

Cashout times that are painfully sluggish are a telltale sign of a fraudulent or failing website. Check out the cashout reports for any rooms that are giving you cause for concern. In addition to sluggish cashouts, additional signs of failing poker rooms include the following:

  • A falling number of customers.
  • Horrible software that has not been updated in an indefinite amount of time.
  • Customer assistance that is both slow and unsatisfactory.
  • There are occasions when promotions appear to be far too amazing to be real.

How frequently do sites that were formerly reputable become scam sites?

Even if they had no intention of operating as a scam, it is possible for some genuine poker rooms to wind up collapsing, albeit this occurs extremely infrequently. A recent and noteworthy example of this is PKR, one of the markets that Alderney controlled and ring-fenced. The majority of online poker rooms that are licensed by respectable jurisdictions (such as the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and several countries in the United States and Europe) have stringent regulations in place and require player cash to be kept separate.

What should I do if I suspect that a site is cheating me?

You can get in touch with us if you have suspicions that a poker room is operating with an unfair advantage over its players. You may also make a post in a poker forum, such as the one found at TwoPlusTwo or A word of caution, though: when you accuse other players in a poker room of having rigged the game, you should expect them to respond with intense suspicion and, more often than not, derision.

What should I do if I believe the site to be a scam?

Check out our online poker reviews to discover what we have to say about the legitimacy of various online poker rooms before you decide whether or not you want to play at one of these establishments. In some cases, all it takes is a fast search on Google to determine whether or not a specific online poker club is a scam. It is important to note in mind, while conducting research on this topic, that online poker players badly misuse the term “scam.” Even if every fraudulent online poker site is badly operated, a poorly run online poker room is not always a scam (obviously). Please let us know if you believe you have been the victim of a poker room that has treated you unfairly or is a scam so that we may address your concerns.

Is it safer to play poker online than in traditional poker rooms with brick and mortar?

It depends. The infrequent online poker rooms have encountered such concerns like as super users and insolvency (leading in the loss of player cash) (resulting in the loss of player funds). A traditional brick-and-mortar location is susceptible to a variety of safety risks, including collusion and card marking, for example. Poker, whether played online or in person, is a game that is generally considered to be quite safe if it is regulated by an authoritative authority. It is difficult to make the case that online poker rooms that cater to customers in the United States are safer than their physical and mortar equivalents since these rooms frequently do not operate in accordance with stringent rules. Having said that, a number of online poker rooms based in the United States have established themselves as safe over the course of more than a decade.

I’d like to build an online poker site if that’s possible.

The response to this answer is very dependant on where you are located. People living in the United States who read this: you could get in trouble, but before you do, check the rules and regulations that apply in your community. Through the use of “skins” on a network, small-time company owners may launch an online poker room in the most straightforward manner possible. Networks such as iPoker and Microgaming give a method for entrepreneurs to enter the market at a lesser cost than starting from scratch would need, despite the fact that these networks are not as popular as they previously were. These days, there is a lot of competition in the market.

Where can I find the most user-friendly poker rooms?

The poker rooms connected to the sports betting are typically considered to be the most user-friendly. That is true for each and every one of them in the United States. At that point, the next step to do is to think about what the site does to prevent professional play from happening there. Ignition Casino is the one that goes to great lengths to prevent type like this from occurring.

What are some of the top cash games for poker players in the United States?

The top real cash games available to players from the United States can be found at Ignition Casino and BetOnline. This is owing to the fact that there is no rakeback offered and a large number of people bet on sports.

Where can tournament players find the finest online poker rooms in the United States?

Players from the United States who are interested in participating in poker tournaments have the finest opportunities at Ignition Casino and the Winning Poker Network. The weekly $100,000 guaranteed event at Ignition Casino is only one of the several daily tournaments that feature predetermined prize pools. Several times throughout the year, Winning Poker hosts a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of one million dollars.

What is the largest U.S. poker site?

Ignition Casino is the largest U.S. poker site. It is a member of the Bodog Poker Network. It was once known as Bovada.

Where can I find the greatest VIP program for a poker room?

The Elite Benefits program on the Winning Poker Network is the greatest VIP program available.

What poker rooms offer rapid fold poker?

Most major poker networks provide rapid fold poker. PokerStars, Microgaming, iPoker, and Ignition Casino are some examples of these sites.

What is the maximum time of tables that I can play at once?

This is dependent on the poker site you play on. At any given poker site, you will have access to a minimum of four cash games to play in. There are some that do not impose any restrictions on the total number of tables that can be occupied at any given time.


I’d want to play online poker with my pals, but is it possible?

It’s possible for pals who play poker online to enter the same tournaments. If there is sufficient link between two accounts, most sites will ban friends from sitting at the same cash game table if it would be considered unfair. This includes exchanging IP addresses or information pertaining to the processing of payments.

What is the highest possible bet that may be made on online poker sites?

Each site establishes its own maximum capacity for visitors. At the majority of poker sites, the minimum bet for no limit games is 3/6, and the minimum bet for limit games is 10/20. The most prominent online poker sites include tables with blinds of $100 or more.

What is the lowest possible bet that may be made on poker sites?

The majority of online poker sites provide games with blinds of $.01 and $.02. Those that don’t will have to begin at $.02/$.04 per word.

When, throughout the time of a typical day, is it wisest to play in online poker games?

Late at night and in the afternoon on Sundays are often the best times to play poker games at online poker rooms.

What is the most reputable poker site in the United States?

BetOnline is the most reliable online poker site. It has a long tradition of compensating its poker players when they win.

Which online poker site in the United States offers the most exciting games?

Ignition Casino is home to the juiciest poker games.

Why does Ignition Casino provide the most exciting poker games available online?

The use of tracking software is strictly forbidden at Ignition Casino. Instead of utilizing a wait list, players are required to occupy an open seat immediately. The fact that Ignition Casino maintains complete confidentiality for its players is just another perk they provide. Because of this, it is impossible to track loose players as they move from table to table.

Which online poker site has the lowest rake percentages?

These days, the rake schedules used by poker sites are standardized. One penny is added to the pot for every 20 cents that are already there. The cap is often set at $3, with the exception of those that offer concessions to micro limit games, in which case the maximum rake that may be collected is typically $1 or $2.

Which online poker site has the lowest rake percentages?

These days, the rake schedules used by poker sites are standardized. One penny is added to the pot for every 20 cents that are already there. The cap is often set at $3, with the exception of those that offer concessions to micro limit games, in which case the maximum rake that may be collected is typically $1 or $2.

Which poker rooms have a decent amount of players at any given time?

PokerStars, 888, and iPoker are the three online poker rooms that offer the most players. Ignition Casino, Winning Poker, and BetOnline are the three places where players located outside of the United States will find the most action.

What different kinds of player rewards programs are there to choose from?

Most sites have a VIP program. There is a wide range of prices for it. VIP programs are usually paid based on the amount of rake taken from the pot.

Which U.S. poker networks still offer rakeback?

The two U.S. poker networks that offer rakeback are Winning Poker and Horizon Poker.

What are the simplest poker sites to deposit at?

The easiest poker sites to deposit at are generally tied to sportsbooks. This includes BetOnline and Intertops. Another factor to check for is the acceptance of American Express. This frequently signifies the site has a superb payment processor.

Are credit card deposits an option for players from the United States?

Credit cards can be used at any of the poker sites. The percentage of people that are accepted into a program varies substantially from one firm to the next. Most U.S. online poker sites allow Visa deposits and Mastercard deposits. At offshore sites, the majority of credit cards are not accepted. The solution is to make use of a prepaid debit card that is valid internationally. There are certain sites that also accept American Express and Discover credit cards.

Debit card deposits are accepted from U.S. players.

Poker sites accept Visa and Mastercard debit cards.

How exactly do deposits made using credit cards function?

The player is required to input their name, address, credit card number, and security card. After that, the site will verify the player’s identification and ensure that their payment card is legitimate.

Is it treated as a purchase or a cash advance when I make a deposit using my credit card for online poker?

It is dependent on the site. The use of a credit card to make a cash advance is something that regulated poker sites will charge you for. Payments are considered purchases when processed by offshore sites.

What exactly is an authorization form for a credit or debit card?

Before a player can request a withdrawal from their poker account, they are required to fill out a form that verifies they own the card being used. This requires an image of the front and back of the credit or debit card, as well as a signature.

How can I make an online poker Western Union deposit?

There are two ways to make a Western Union deposit for online poker. The initial step for both is to contact the poker site to find out the receiver and his location. One approach is to go to an agent location with cash. These are typically groceries and checks cashing establishments.

When you want to transfer money, there is a form that you have to fill out, and it requires information about both you and the receiver. Customers who intend to make deposits using a bank transfer, credit or debit card are required to utilize to begin the transfer process. There is also a web form that must be completed, and it requests the same information. After the transaction has been validated, you should get in touch with the site and provide the money control number.

How do I make an online poker Moneygram deposit?

MoneyGram deposits works the same way as Western Union. The online poker site will supply a name and an address for the receiver of the prize. Bring that information to a MoneyGram merchant, or go online to the MoneyGram website and fill out the form there, making sure to include your information as well as the name and location of the recipient. The online poker site will require the reference number that MoneyGram provides in order to get the funds.

Is it possible to play deposits using Bitcoin when playing online poker?

Bitcoin is accepted at most poker sites in the United States. These include BetOnline, Ignition Casino, Intertops and the Winning Poker Network.

What is the smallest online poker deposit I can make?

There is no standard minimum deposit site across all poker sites. Typically, it falls somewhere between $10 and $25. It’s possible the price might go up to $50.

What is the smallest online poker deposit I can make?

There is no standard minimum deposit site across all poker sites. Typically, it falls around between $10 and $25. It’s possible the price might go up to $50.

How long do online poker deposits generally take?

Most online poker deposits are quick. Some Bitcoin and cash transactions take as much as four hours to process.

How long do online poker withdrawals take?

It depends on the type of withdrawal. Bitcoin and ewallet withdrawals are often done in less than a day. Cash transfers come within a few days. The processing time for bank transfers and checks might range anywhere from one week to one month.

Are there any further costs involved with deposits except the initial deposit?

When you pay with a credit card, you might be subject to a fee of about 5 percent. Some Bitcoin deposits carry a 1 percent fee. There may be a fee of up to ten percent associated with cash transfers; however, some websites will waive that fee for deposits of at least two hundred fifty dollars.

Are there fees associated with withdrawals?

Most withdrawals made by online poker players will pay a modest fee. The exclusions include Bitcoin withdrawals at Ignition Casino and Intertops. Most other online poker rooms impose a fee of roughly 2 percent for withdrawals. There is often a fee of roughly $50 associated with the use of checks and bank transfers. In most cases, the fees associated with cash transfers will fall anywhere between 10 and 15 percent. There are several websites that will allow you to make one free check withdrawal every month or per year.

Is there a chance of losing money if I make a deposit in an online poker room?

The most significant danger associated with playing poker via the internet is the possibility of losing deposit at the tables. Aside from that, gaming websites adhere to the same standard safety procedures as any other type of online retailer.

Are there any online poker ewallets for U.S. players?

The only ewallets available for online poker players are at licensed sites in Nevada and New Jersey.

Which electronic wallet options are available to players in Nevada and New Jersey?

Players in those two states can use Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal to make online poker transactions.

What are the best electronic wallets for players based in countries other than the United States?

Players located outside of North America have access to some of the most reliable online poker options in the form of Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal. Canadian players will find more success with credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers.

Are electronic checks an option for poker deposits for players from the United States?

It is possible to directly fund a poker account with money from a bank account, but only players in the states of Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey are permitted to do so. Players in other countries have a significant amount of access to this.

Do online poker sites require players to provide documentation in order to play?

No. Most sites will not require a document be signed to play. There are exceptions that include when a site is unable to verify a player.

Do online poker sites need players to provide documents in order to play?

No. The majority of gaming sites will not demand players to sign any documents in order to play. There are a few exceptions to this rule, the most notable of which is when a site is unable to verify a player.

When I make a deposit, will I automatically receive the bonus?

A first deposit or reload bonus appears in the player’s bonus account when making a deposit and using a proper bonus code. Players must clear these incentives by paying a set amount of rake that is often in the region of 20-25 percent rakeback.

How do I make use of a bonus code when depositing a deposit?

On the screen used to make deposits, the cashier for the online poker site will include an optional section labeled “bonus code.” The bonus code should be entered into this box. There may be no need for a bonus code on a first deposit. Be sure to read the promotions page of the online poker site in order to determine whether or not you need an account in order to claim a bonus.

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