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In recent years, several other poker rivals have experienced a decline in their performance, while Unibet Poker has been seeing the opposite trend. To a far greater extent than before, by placing a greater emphasis on recreational players, entertaining games, and offering an incredible amount of value to new players. Despite its status as an underdog in the world of online poker, Unibet offers players a surprisingly high-quality software and player experience.

Unibet Poker was one of the first poker rooms to launch on the 24hPoker network and is primarily focused on the European market. After that, in 2006, it made the switch to Microgaming, and eventually, in 2014, it launched its own platform. The ability to alter your identity as much as three times a day is at the core of the software that Unibet provides. It provides immediate defense against experienced players who make use of tracking tools. Being able to play behind a guise that conceals your identity results in games that are less challenging, which is a player that the vast majority of poker players share.

The only games available are No-Limit Holdem and Omaha. Nothing else is offered. But there isn’t any Seven-Card Stud or 5-Card poker, which is disappointing, but the other games make up for it. The majority of the games offered are cash games, Sit & Go competitions, and large Multi-Table tournaments. Therefore, if that isn’t enough to keep you entertained, you may check out the numerous objectives and accomplishments, the majority of which give bonuses in the form of real-world currency. In reality, Unibet provides a large number of enticing incentives specifically tailored to new players. As a result, the site makes it a great deal simpler to construct a bankroll beginning with almost nothing at all.

Recently, it has become possible to play poker on Unibet with your friends by means of private games that can be organized through the client.


When a new player registers for Unibet Poker through PokerListings, they are eligible to get a welcome bonus package. To clear the entire amount of the sign up bonus, you will need to play through Unibet Poker using real money. This is standard procedure for most deposit bonuses. If you play the game frequently, though, this may happen rather quickly. Before you sign up for any bonus, you should make sure you have a look at the terms and conditions first, just in case.

Bonus for Signing Up:

  • A €200 wagering requirement bonus
  • Four times per week, €500 in Welcome Freerolls
  • Twenty Euros in cash game tickets and the Unibet Open

Unibet Poker No Bonus Code:

  • No code required.
  • To claim your bonus, just choose it from the drop-down menu.

After completing the registration process, you will have access to your account to retrieve your four complimentary tickets.

Instructions on how to claim your welcome bonus:

  1. Create a new account and provide your preferences, including the language you choose to use.
  2. Choose the Unibet bonus that best suits your needs; the poker playthrough bonus comes highly recommended.
  3. Provide your personal information and establish a login for the Unibet poker site.
  4. Confirm that you accept the bonus terms and conditions, and then click the JOIN button.
  5. Select a bobblehead avatar to represent you and be authenticated by entering a code on your phone.

The Struggles and the Objectives

By successfully completing Poker Challenges and Missions, you will be eligible to receive cash, bonuses, and ticket rewards. These functions are similar to those of accomplishments and can also provide an additional boost to your earnings. Challenges are mostly cash games based on Omaha and Holdem, and they are open to new players as well as regular players on a monthly basis.

They might be more manageable, such as “play a freezeout” or “obtain a suited hand,” while they can be more ambitious, such as “create a flush.” You would go through the process in stages, so for example, you could have to obtain a suited hand three times before you succeed. And you’ll be able to keep track of how far you’ve come by going to the Challenges page in the poker software.

The level of difficulty determines the number of points awarded for each challenge. In addition, you will receive a greater number of bonus points in proportion to the stakes that you play for. You may exchange them for fun prizes, such as more turns on a slot machine called the Unibet Online Series, for example. Compared to the typical VIP and loyalty schemes, this rewards program is a refreshing change of pace. In the future, it would not surprise us if a greater number of online poker sites adopted this strategy.

Promotions Offered by Unibet Poker

Win points or a €1,100 Unibet Online series ticket with the Unibet Online Series Slot Spins!

  • HexaPro Jackpot, which grants larger multipliers for every HexaPro S&G games played.
  • If you refer a friend, you’ll receive a bonus of €30 the first time, €40 the second time, and €50 the third time.
  • MTT Player of the Year – Participate in this tournament to move up the leaderboard, play prizes, and receive a title.

Poker Tournaments on the Schedule at Unibet, as well as Freerolls

The average buy-in for a tournament at Unibet Poker ranges from $0.50 to $200, and the site hosts a significant number of rebuy tournaments. Play in the early stages of these games is typically more relaxed than in later levels. Before entering, it is important to make sure you are aware of the tournament’s format.

There are also a large number of daily qualifiers for larger tournaments, like as the website’s very own Unibet Poker Open Online. In addition, there are freerolls roughly every two hours, which often have a large number of participants but a lower prize pool. These are also highly loose games, so you should be prepared for a lot of all-ins coming from every angle. Keep in mind that merely creating an account with Unibet qualifies you for a number of their poker freerolls.

In addition, Unibet hosts a weekly $150,000 Guaranteed (GTD) tournament every Sunday, as well as a monthly $250,000 tournament that awards more than $50,000 to the winner. Buy-ins for these tournaments start at as $5.50 and are available through daily qualifiers. Tournaments can take on a variety of forms, including the following:

  • Freezeout
  • Multi-buy
  • Freeroll
  • Guaranteed (GTD)
  • Side events and preliminary competitions
  • Bounties
  • Pot Limit Omaha

Unibet Poker Online Tournament Series

In light of the epidemic that has spread around the world, yet another tournament series has moved to being played totally online. This one is called the Unibet Open Series. It has been operational for a total of five years and throughout that time it has steadily increased both its traffic and its prize pools. The Main Events have frameworks that are player-friendly and last for two days. Every player that takes first place in a Unibet Online Series event earns a spot in the final tournament of the series, which is called the Unibet Online Series Showdown Tournament. Leaderboard points are awarded to the top 35 percent of finishers, and there is a split of €25,000 for each level of the buy-in.

Basic Game Variants

You can only play Hold’em and Omaha, but both of these games come in a variety of distinct flavors, including all of the traditional variations as well as some unique additions.

  • HexaPro tournaments are three-handed competitions that feature a random prize pool draw at the beginning of each game. At times, this may be up to x1,000 your buy-in, so it is definitely something that is worth attempting.
  • Cash Games, which include Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, and Banzai Texas
  • Sit & Go games are often fast-paced and work really well on mobile devices. These games can include either five or two seats.
  • MTTs – enter in multi-table tournaments with stakes ranging from 0.50 to 200+ and win cash prizes.

Private Games

After observing a growing desire for online entertainment, Unibet decided to provide that requirement by introducing home games during the first 2020 shutdown. In contrast to its competitors, Unibet will host private home games at the request of its customers. This is attainable due to the tight-knit nature of the community as well as the presence of an active poker manager. Simply contact the poker staff through email or Twitter with any question or comment. At the time of this writing, your best bet is to get in touch with David Lappin (@dklappin).


The Relax Gaming program is geared mostly for casual players, providing them with humorous, bobble-headed avatars and incredibly brisk game play. The poker table action is more dynamic than on other sites, and the graphics are really polished and clear. In most cases, new players are more likely to be interested in this than seasoned grinders, who may think that it appears to be too crowded.

The better features include a wide variety of poker tables and backgrounds to choose from, as well as avatars that let you to personalize your gaming experience. You may change your identity whenever you wish to avoid being targeted by serious grinders who keep track of your statistics. Changing your identity is possible at any time. You also have the ability to immediately change the amount of your stack from chips to huge blinds.

We really like the helpful in-game statistics, which come in handy especially when you’re just starting out and trying to get a feel for your opponents. In addition to collecting notes, you can see the frequency with which players encounter the flip, as well as their win rate and the number of hands they play every hour. In addition to that, there is a visual replay of the hands, which is quite helpful.

Various Customization Options That Are Interesting

  • You are permitted to make as many as three identification or avatar times every day.
  • Avatars of players who folded at the table that were blurred out.
  • The strength of your hand and the strength of your opponents’ hands
  • Low stack warning
  • Make the switch in BB to the stack value
  • Playing cards in all four colors

Your Very Own Statistics and Playing History

You have access to a real-time analysis of your own play at all times using an interface that is located at the table. Taking a look at things like your checks, calls, folds, and reraises, for example. The hand history functions quite well for the purpose of analysis. However, it does not indicate the hands that were played throughout a session, which is something that may be quite frustrating. The hands that are raked are counted in the lobby. A player will have an easier time keeping track of how much bonus clearing playtime he has accumulated as a result of this feature.

Support for up to 24 Different Games at Once

Since the tables may be arbitrarily resized, it is possible to play as many as 24 different games at the same time. The graphics are quite crisp and clear, which contributes to the play’s fluidity and speed when playing many tables. The tables are well-designed, and the absence of elaborate graphics ensures that only the player will be able to see the information that is most crucial to them.

On the Unibet Poker mobile app, home games are available.

The ability to play private games with friends on Unibet Poker is now available through app.

The new private table poker app from Unibet Poker allows you to play games with your friends in a more intimate setting. Since it was released at the beginning of this year, it has quickly gained an enormous following. You may simply have a night in and invite a few friends together to play poker if you choose to do so online rather than in person. And you have complete control over the level of competition.

Both Android and iOS versions are available for download.

Additionally, it functions as a desktop application and a web client, and it is compatible with a variety of operating systems. Install your own personal poker room, then set in to enter configuring the game to your specifications.

Player Volume and the Level of Competition

There is a good level of player activity on Unibet due to the fact that the site’s cash games and tournaments include games that are both quite loose and juicy. Wild games are created at shorthanded tables and turbo games, where the percentage of players who have seen the flop can reach as high as 55%. The average number of players at full 10-player tables who observe the flip is slightly under 40 percent, which is a very high rate. Look for tournaments with a buy-in that is less than ten dollars for the most relaxed competition.

Because you will have the ability to change your identity up to three times each day, it will be extremely difficult for professional grinders to use table-selection methods to track you down and eliminate you from the game. There are some fantastic games available on the Unibet Poker platform, and the software seems to be updated somewhat more frequently than practically every other online poker room. It might be because of the linked casino or sportsbook, but players on Unibet love to put their money on the line.

Unibet Poker FAQs


It is not via players’ losses that Unibet generates revenue; rather, it is through the rake that players are required to pay for each hand of poker they play. They would receive the rake regardless of whether or not a player won the hand. From our vantage point, there is therefore no justification for them to operate a poker site that is fixed. In order to guarantee the fairness of its games, Unibet employs random number generators and has its systems checked by third-game auditors like eCogra.

Is it possible to play UNIBET Poker with other people?

The new software for private table poker allows you to play games with your pals in a more intimate setting. You may download it as a web client or as a desktop application for Android and iOS devices. Install it, then go to your personal area where you can configure the game in any way you see fit.


You won’t really be getting anything like that, but if you complete tasks and objectives, you will get incentives like cash and tickets. In the same way that other poker rooms do, Unibet takes a cut of the pot for the rake on each hand played for real money, however the cut is a little smaller than what other sites provide.


You may get a welcome bonus upon registration and another one when you make a deposit, and you can play from any location in the UK using GBP currency.


Unibet is primarily focused on the European online sports betting and casino markets, with a more modest presence in the poker space. It is presently limited to providing casino and sports betting in just a few states in the US, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania. On the other hand, we anticipate that it will become accessible in an increasing number of states as legalization efforts grow to include poker.


There is, in fact, a poker website that is accessible to players from Canada; however, the majority of the players on the site are from Europe. You have the opportunity to receive a welcome bonus that is much more generous—an additional $30 and a playthrough requirement of $1,000. You also gain access to exclusive promotions, freerolls, and challenges, making this one an absolute no-brainer to participate in.

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