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Check out our comprehensive review of Betfair Poker or simply click the PLAY HERE button to earn your signup bonus courtesy of our site. Betfair Poker has always had a strong reputation and a very active player base.

Our Betfair Poker Review

Flutter Entertainment, which is one of the largest betting and gaming firms in the world, is the owner of Betfair Poker and the company that runs the site. The first version of the platform debuted online in 2001, and Betfair eventually acquired PokerChamps in 2005, after which it spent some time on the Cryptologic Network. This made the transition to Playtech’s iPoker Network, which is extremely popular, much easier. Betfair has quickly become one of the most important players in the European online poker market because to its stable software, big promotions, and access to an extensive client base for its sports exchange.

Playtech is responsible for the development of the current Betfair Poker software, which runs on the well-known iPoker platform that is utilized by major poker sites based in the UK and elsewhere. The gameplay as a whole is extremely nice, with player notes, functions that are simple to use, and a consistent feel. The fact that it is one of the poker customers with the highest level of consistency is, of course, of the utmost importance.

Betfair’s loose play, which typically results from sports bettors eager to try their hand at poker with newly acquired cash, is perhaps the site’s most appealing quality. The fact that there are no American players on Betfair is a disadvantage, and as a consequence, there is a significant dearth of action during the hours that are not primetime in Europe. Having said that, the overall traffic volume is at a level that is considered to be among the highest in the industry. According to the data for players that wager real money as of April 2021, peak hours saw 2,150 players. This includes more than 1,500 players participating in MTTs and an average of 500 people playing ring players at any given time.

Compliance is a trait that is manifested in abundant amounts by this operator. Betfair Poker is in full compliance with any and all gambling rules and regulations that may apply. In addition to being licensed in the United Kingdom by the Gambling Commission and internationally by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), at one point it also held a license from the Gaming Commission of the United States of America. Betfair’s parent business, Flutter Entertainment, is still operating in the United States, despite the fact that its poker facility in New Jersey has since been shut down. Because of this, the poker brand run by this operator is recognized as legal and regulated in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada.

This review of Betfair Poker will explain all of this and a lot more too. The following sections will educate you on the following topics:

  • Bonuses and other promotions offered by Betfair
  • Betfair Poker rake and rakeback
  • The Poker games and software offered by Betfair
  • Information on how to get in touch with Betfair Poker and support
  • 200 percent of your purchase price, up to €200Visit Site

Quick Betfair Poker Preview

Along with two entries into freerolls, PokerListings is giving away a unique bonus at Betfair Poker consisting of a match deposit bonus of 200 percent, up to a maximum of €200. These are invitation-only freerolls that are played on Sundays and each one has a prize pool worth €250. This means that our one-of-a-kind welcome bonus at Betfair Poker will bring you up to €200 free, in addition to giving you a chance to win €500 in cash prizes!

  • Betfair Poker Promo Code: None. When you create an account with Betfair Poker, you will not be required to input the bonus code in order to activate use of the sign-up bonus. Simply click the PLAY HERE button on our website to download the software.
  • The Betfair Poker Bonus Payout requires you to accumulate 1,250 player points before you can cash out €10. This bonus is only open to new clients. There is no bonus code required to use Betfair Poker. The bonus cannot be redeemed once 90 days have passed.

Our special Betfair Poker sign up bonus is intended to provide the greatest possible level of accessibility. Even if there are other online poker promotions that have a higher top-end value, this offer stands out due to the multiplier and the wagering requirements that are attached to it. A deposit bonus of 200 percent is twice as high as the typical offer in this industry. That means you may put less money into your account and still earn the same amount of rewards. For illustration’s sake, let’s say you’re a beginner and you simply wish to make a deposit of €20; that’s perfectly good because you’ll get €40 in bonus cash.

The terms and conditions of the Betfair new player bonus are also quite favorable, making it an attractive offer overall. To begin, you will have a period of time of ninety days before your credits become invalid. This is an increase from the previous limit of 45 days and should provide you with plenty of time to unlock bonus cash. In addition to this, you will be able to unlock an additional €10 for every 1,250 points that you earn.

Bets may be converted into points at a rate of 1:25 on the Betfair Poker site. To put it another way, for every euro that you win, you will receive 25 loyalty points. This indicates that you must accumulate €50 in rake before you may release €10 of your welcome bonus. That is equivalent to a rakeback rate of twenty percent for Betfair Poker. This is more than reasonable, and when you add in the two freeroll tickets, the Betfair sign up offer becomes incredibly appealing, especially for new beginners.

How to Claim Your Welcome Bonus on Your First Deposit?

  1. On this screen, click the button labeled “PLAY HERE” to start the registration account.
  2. Either download the Betfair Poker app or sign in to the instant-play platform to begin playing.
  3. Place a deposit equal to or more than ten Euros. *Note: you are required to complete this task within the first 30 days after creating an account.
  4. Collect your freeroll tickets for the Betfair tournament.
  5. To activate your bonus credits, you must first play any real-money game at Betfair Poker and reach a point total of 1,250 before you may activate €10 of your bonus. In order to take advantage of this promotion, you will not be required to enter any Betfair Poker coupons.

Betfair Poker Loyalty Program

The VIP Club is an exclusive program that only the most dedicated players may join. Players on the iPoker network may earn points toward entry into one of the greatest VIP programs available by engaging in cash games. You will receive 25 points for every 1 euro that you rake in, as we have previously said. These points may be redeemed at the reward store for a variety of cash prizes, and, as you might anticipate, the more points you earn, the more valuable the prizes become. Simple.

There are three different tiers to the VIP program that Betfair Poker offers, and each one opens the door to further cash rewards and rakeback from Betfair. This indicates that there is something for everyone, irrespective of whether you are a low-stakes grinder or a high-stakes professional player. Check out the table below to get an idea of how you may climb the loyalty ladder at Betfair Poker and earn rakeback of up to 35 percent in the process.

Additional Promotions Available at Betfair Poker

Betfair is not an exception to the rule that the greatest online poker rooms have lots of promotions available…

Twister Races: These races take place every week from Monday through Sunday, and they give you the opportunity to win a portion of the €12,500 in prizes that are up for grabs. The objective of the game is straightforward: compete in Twister tournaments, rack up points, and place high enough on the scoreboard to play a reward. Betfair rewards each and every customer, in contrast to other promotions that only provide points to those who win out on top in a tournament.

For instance, if you play one Euro on a game of Twister and win out on top, you will be awarded two points. If you play and lose, you’ll receive 1 point. Every single buy-in utilizes this particular method. If you are competing at the highest level, winning a €100 Twister event will get you 200 points, and simply participating will gain you 100 points. Everyone who finishes the week in the top 250 performances will win Twister tickets with a value ranging from fifteen euros to one thousand euros.

Every player at Betfair Poker Online who uses real money has a chance to win daily prizes with the Daily Prize Spins. To activate spinning the reward wheel, you will first need to opt in and then finish a straightforward quest. You will receive one spin every day that you successfully complete a task, and the amount of the gift you win will be determined by your VIP level. The list of rewards includes both cash and free slot spins, as well as tickets to the Twister game.

If you are a Bronze VIP and you are fortunate enough to win a Twister ticket, the cash prize you receive might be worth 0.50 Euros. In the event that you are a Gold VIP and you win the same reward, you will get €2. Simply said, it is in your best interest to maintain a high VIP status so that you can win your chances of winning daily incentives that are worth up to €5,000!

Software and Features Offered by Betfair Poker

  • Support for instant play and software that may be downloaded
  • SNGs organized like lotteries
  • Casino side games
  • games Played Inside

The software is provided by the iPoker platform, which is well-known for its dependability as well as its capacity to deal with volume. A multi-table mini-view, improved visuals, updated search tools, and the ability to multi-table are just some of the amazing features that have been introduced to the software as it has progressed through time and continues to grow. Although it’s not the most physically appealing piece of software, it’s made great strides in its development over the past several years.

The table operations are intuitive, well-organized, and simple to personalize according to one’s desired betting limits, table size, currency, and game of choice. The software is organized so that cash games, multi-table tournaments, and sit-and-gos each have their own section, making it easier to navigate. In addition, there is a game similar to jackpot Twister Poker available on the site, which provides a welcome change of pace. Unfortunately, Betfair Poker is not recommended. At this time, the iPoker software does not provide any support for Apple devices that run OSX. Emulators are a need for Mac users who want to play on the Windows platform because of this.

The fact that Betfair does not prohibit the use of tracking software is one of the aspects of its poker betting rules that might be appealing to some players. In recent years, poker room operators like PokerStars and Partypoker have taken action against third-party applications; however, we were unable to locate any evidence of Betfair taking the same stance. This indicates that you are able to employ software to collect statistics not just on your own play but also on the play of your opponents.

Betfair Home Games

Send a request to the customer care team if you wish to play poker with your pals at our establishment. The only thing you need to do is specify in the request what kind of game you want, and they will do the rest. Even while some other websites let you build private poker rooms straight through the client game, Betfair’s technology is still among the most user-friendly ones out there. In addition to this, it guarantees that everything will be developed according to your particular requirements.

Simply sending an email to with the following information in it will allow you to setup a private home game on the Betfair Poker site:

  • The time and date
  • The point of the game
  • A tournament for money or a cash game
  • Password (alphanumeric up to 8 characters)
  • Min/Max entries
  • Seats per table
  • The Kind of Game
  • Buy-In
  • Blind Levels
  • Additional purchases and rebuys (if required)

Your game will be developed by the team, and within forty-eight hours it ought to be available for play in the lobby of Betfair Poker.

Simply click on this Betfair Poker download link to begin your hassle-free and straight download.

Tournaments and Freerolls Offered by Betfair Poker

  • Multi-table Tournaments, often known as MTTs
  • Freezeout and Rebuy Tournaments (where you only get one opportunity)
  • Bounty that Increases Over Time (Knockout prizes)
  • Satellites (qualify through another lower-buy-in tournament)

Betfair Poker runs a wide range of tournaments, with buy-ins starting as little as a few dollars and going up to several hundreds of dollars for the most significant tournaments. Betfair Poker hosts a number of tournaments with guaranteed prize pools every day. These tournaments take place at various times throughout the day. The Sunday Sweat, which has a guarantee of €75,000, is the most significant event. On the other hand, this site hosts a poker event that anybody may participate in. With instance, the weekly Fists of Fury Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) offer guaranteed prizepools of €25,000 and €15,000, respectively, for buy-ins of only €20 and €10, respectively.

Additionally, the Betfair Poker Network hosts a selection of unique Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs), some of which are held in-house. In addition, the site is integrated with the main tournament festivals hosted by the iPoker Network. These festivals include the Royal Series and the Bounty Hunter Series, both of which host many multi-table tournaments and promise a total of one million euros.

Last but not least, Betfair often hosts satellites to practically all of the major live poker tournaments, including the WSOP, WPT, and EPT. In addition to its popularity, exclusive Irish Open satellites provide players the opportunity to win tickets to the annual tournament for as little as one euro.

  • Betfair Poker Freerolls: In addition, Betfair Poker provides more than thirty free tournaments each week. A place in one of Betfair’s most prestigious tournaments, such as the massive weekly guaranteed tournaments or even live tournaments held in different locations across the world, may be won by competing in and winning a freeroll.

More Poker Games

Whether you utilize the Betfair Poker instant play platform or download the poker app (available for both desktop and mobile devices), you will always have access to a large selection of games to choose from. We have previously discussed the tournaments and freerolls that you are eligible to play in, but that is not the end of the tale.

This operator offers a wide variety of games, including single-table tournaments, 6+ Hold’em, and cash games. In addition to this, there are other games that use play money. These are for everyone who is interested in having a good time, taking advantage of the game, and making the transition from live poker without putting their money at danger. There is therefore something for everyone, regardless of whether you use the play in browser software or download the Betfair app. Both options are available.

Games with Cash

The majority of the activity on Betfair takes place in the cash game lobby, and based on our research, we found that players with beginner to intermediate skill levels will find the most success on this site. Hold ’em and Omaha are the only two variations that can be played, which is why we make this statement. In addition, the minimum and maximum bets at each table range from €0.01/€0.02 for NLH/PLO games to €5/€10 and €20/€40 for Fixed Limit Hold’em, respectively.

This is a strong selection of games since it has all of the most important elements. However, because the site does not provide Stud, Draw, or Mixed Games, it is lacking in a couple of the features that high-stakes players look for in a poker room. In addition, the table limits are not high enough to entice professional players. But, and this is very essential, this is fantastic news for those who are just starting out. You won’t find too many talented grinders in the cash game lobby because it is geared at recreational players, but there will be plenty of activity.

  • Take this opportunity to review your Cash Game strategy.

6+ Hold’em

The one aspect of Betfair Poker that is sure to appeal to more seasoned players is the 6+ Hold’em variant. Even if the stakes might not be high enough to attract the interest of seasoned poker players, the game itself is one that many of them like playing. In terms of how bets are placed and won, this variation is virtually indistinguishable from Hold’em. The catch is that there are no cards left in the deck that are less than a six, since they have all been eliminated.

Because of this, the equities are much more closely contested (that is, you are not often a massive favorite), and the hand rankings are modified to some degree (flushes are better than full houses). This is a fast-paced variation, and all of the Betfair Poker 6+ Hold’em tables are set up with six players per table. The stakes vary from €4 NL to €200 NL.

Sit & Go

Hold ’em is the primary game played in Betfair’s Sit & Go (SNG) tournaments. Would we be interested in seeing further varieties added to the mix? Of course. However, we are aware that virtually everyone prefers to play in Hold’em SNGs, which means that this is not really an issue.

We absolutely love the fact that buy-ins begin at just €0.10. The fact that you can play in full-ring, six-max, and heads-up SNGs with buy-ins of up to €100 is another feature that we really love. In conclusion, if you’re a lover of action, you might consider competing in a hyper turbo tournament. These tournaments have you racing through games in a couple of minutes.

Speed Poker (Fast-Fold)

When you fold, you are immediately given a fresh hand at a new table. This variation of poker is known as Fast-fold Poker, and you may find it at stakes ranging from €0.02/€0.05 to €1/€2. One thing to keep in mind is that in the year 2020, iPoker rebranded their fast-fold poker tables as Football Stars. This is an important development.

The dynamic of transferring players to a different table each time they fold has been maintained throughout the game. On the other hand, there is a number of five players at each table going forward. In addition, there is now a football-based theme to the games, and progressive jackpots have been thrown into the mix. *Note: At the time that this review of Betfair Poker was being written, the Football Stars game was not accessible.

Betfair Poker Twister

Twisters are a tournament form of the extremely well-liked 3-player Jackpot Turbo SnGs, which are likewise extremely well-liked and offer buy-ins that range from one euro to one hundred euros. The biggest prize is one thousand times the initial investment. Due to the overwhelming demand for these games, Betfair has introduced a progressive jackpot version of the classic game Twister. The structure of these games is identical to that of the previous ones; however, in addition to the rewards that are predetermined, they are connected to the Age of the Gods jackpot network. This indicates that with a buy-in of only one euro, you have the chance to win prizes with a total value of more than four hundred thousand euros.

The Rivalry, as well as the Traffic

The level of competition is rather lax across the board, from loose at the micro and low limits to loose across the board at larger stakes. Because the competition is generally lax and uncompetitive, this site is an excellent venue for experienced poker players to rake in the winnings. One explanation for this is the variety of games that are available. The fact that Betfair only provides Hold’em and Omaha makes the action appealing to players with less experience. Why? The reason for this is that inexperienced players do not typically play in playing variations like as Razz or 8-Game Mix.

Because it is connected to one of the most well-known sportsbooks in the world, Betfair Poker is also great for players who are just starting out as well as those who play at a moderate level. The Betfair Exchange and sportsbook are easily accessible with only a few click clicks. A global wallet system is utilized by Betfair, which means that if you have an account with either of their sites, you will also have an account with the other.

Because of this, the poker section of Betfair is frequently used by punters who wager on sports and casino players who are seeking for some excitement in their games. And because poker isn’t their primary form of game, they typically have less expertise than other players, which might make them an easy target.

  • 200 percent of your purchase price, up to €200Visit Site

Participating in the Depositing and Withdrawing Process

Betfair is one of the most well-known companies in the betting industry and is an integral component of the formidable Flutter Entertainment. As a result, it possesses a complete set of licenses, is exceptionally safe, and has an excellent reputation. When it comes to the processing of payments, we can guarantee that your money will never be at risk under any circumstances.

Before a person is allowed to make their very first withdrawal, their identity must first be confirmed through the use of a picture identification. In addition, every player’s money is kept in a special account that’s referred to as a “formal trust account.” Even if Betfair experiences financial difficulties in the future, this ensures that your money will remain secure. In everyday terms, the bare minimum required to make a deposit at Betfair Poker is €5. The lowest amount that may be cashed out is ten euros, and withdrawals are typically handled within one to twenty-four hours. When you use any of the following methods of payment, this indicates that you should expect to receive your winnings within two to five days under typical circumstances:


  • BankWire
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • MuchBetter

Betfair Poker Support

The frequently asked questions section for Betfair Poker is loaded with information. In point of fact, we might easily count it among the top FAQs we’ve read. The one and only drawback is that it is not always simple to locate the information that you want. Because the database is not organized in a way that makes it especially easy to get the information you need, it is possible that you will have to do some digging.

In the event that you require more direct support, the customer care team at Betfair Poker is available around the clock. The operators make it their goal to reply to e-mails within four hours, which is a good turnaround time. In addition, we asked a member of the live chat team for assistance, and we didn’t have to wait more than a few minutes for it. When you utilize the following help tools for Betfair Poker, you may anticipate, as a whole, a polished level of service:

  • Betfair Poker FAQ
  • Live Chat on Betfair’s Website
  • Betfair Poker Email:
  • Betfair Phone Number: 0844 871 7000

Instructions on How to Download Betfair Poker

Those users who do not wish to download any software are able to take use of this operator’s immediate play client. Nevertheless, if you want to have the greatest experience possible, you may install the Betfair Poker client on your personal computer, Mac, iPhone, or Android mobile device by following the instructions below:

  1. To begin downloading the Betfair Poker software and creating an account with Betfair, click on the download provided above.
  2. Establish a personal login for Betfair Poker and check your data whenever you are prompted to do so.
  3. Install Betfair on your computer by clicking the “download” button in the Betfair client. You may also utilize the links provided on the site to navigate to the appropriate native app store and download the Betfair Poker mobile application.
  4. After the software has been loaded, open the site and input your account information.
  5. After making a deposit of at least €5 through the cashier page, you may begin playing the games.

Our Betfair Poker Rating

Betfair Poker UK may not be the most well-known name in the industry, but it possesses all of the characteristics of a site that is of very good quality. This site, which operates under the umbrella of Flutter Entertainment and is stablemates with the likes of Stars, has a team that is comprised of highly experienced individuals calling the shots because of this. Therefore, despite the fact that Betfair is better recognized as a firm that offers sports betting, the poker site that it operates is by no means a sitting duck.

During the course of our evaluation of Betfair, we were taken aback by the generous welcome bonus and extensive selection of special freerolls. The abundance of low and mid-stakes activity, in addition to the presence of 6+ Hold’em games, was another thing that left an impression on us.

Naturally, we would want to see additional provisions for players who are not lovers of Hold ’em and those who play for huge sums. Despite this, we believe that there is plenty of value for newcomers, amateurs, and growing stars thanks to rakeback of up to 35 percent, easy players, and reliable software. If you want to play Betfair Poker on your desktop computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android device, then you need to make sure that you utilize the secure registration links that are located on this page.

Create a poker pseudonym, sign up for the service, and click through the free spin message that is presented. To access tasks, you will need to make a minimum deposit or transfer of ten pounds into your Poker wallet and then opt in. See the full terms and conditions down below (on Betfair Poker).

Betfair Poker FAQs


Betfair Poker is a poker site that was launched in the United Kingdom and provides users with an online poker experience that is completely immersive. It is owned and maintained by The Sporting Exchange Ltd., and it is a part of the iPoker Network, which is one of the most prominent poker networks in the world. It has games and deals that are unparalleled in the industry.


The iPoker platform, which is famous for its dependability, is the one that is responsible for providing the Betfair Poker software. In order to ensure that the system is fair, it employs random number generators that are checked by third parties. Additionally, it is controlled and monitored by the Malta Gaming Authority in addition to the UK Gambling Commission. Therefore, Betfair Poker is not a rigged site; rather, it is a legitimate online poker room.


Because it has so much to offer players, we give Betfair Poker a rating of 3.8 out of 5. Such as a substantial VIP club, a ton of different guarantees each month, loose games, and software available in seven different languages. However, the software can be difficult to use at times, and there is far less foot activity outside of business hours.


Poker betting is prohibited in a number of countries, with the United States being at the top of the list. Despite the fact that several states in the US have legalized poker, Betfair does not accept players from such places. On the other hand, poker on Betfair is perfectly legal in several countries, including the United Kingdom and Canada.


When you are the first player to act in a round of poker and you make the decision to play your hand, you are required to contribute some chips to the pot. This is called betting in poker. You are allowed to “call” an amount that has already been bet by someone else once that person’s bet has been placed. Or, you can “raise” to add even more chips to their total than they now have. In that case, you have the option to “fold,” which is to discard your hand and not bet any bets.


To download the poker software offered by Betfair:

  1. To access Betfair Poker, navigate to the Play Here section of this page.
  2. Navigate to the right of the screen and click “Download and Install” to begin playing Betfair poker on your web browser.
  3. In the pop-up box, click “Run,” then proceed with the instructions.
  4. In the new install page, choose your language, then click the “Next” button.
  5. After reading the terms and conditions, click “Next” one more time.
  6. Once the installation is finished, the Betfair software will load, allowing you to sign up for an account and immediately begin playing.


The current sign up bonus for Betfair Poker that is being offered by us through this review is a significant match bonus as well as freeroll tickets. Even though promotions come and go, there are always unique poker games available on Betfair right now. Similar to Twister Races, in which participants must pay to enter and compete in Twister Tournaments in order to earn pints and play up the leaderboard, the prize for this competition is a share of 12,500 EUR in cash.


Yes. Although Betfair’s sports betting exchange is the service for which the company is best known, the website also features poker, casino games, and bingo.


Yes. Betfair has made it possible to play poker with your buddies by introducing home games. Simply describe the kind of game you would like the team to make for you, and they will go ahead and make it for you.


Yes. At Betfair Poker, private games may only be played upon request. They are sometimes referred to as games played at home.

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